Pre-Marital Coach

Pre-Marital Coaching

Discover some science-based tools and interventions to build your happily ever after on more than romcom ideas and undiscussed hopes. Topics range from bids of connection, communication, and chores; to sexual styles and intimacy.

Basic Coaching Workshop:

3 hours R1 800.00

In-Depth Premarital Coaching:

6 hours R3 600


Hours can be split over weeks or done in a day.


R1 800

Couples Coach

Coaching for Communication, betrayal, connection, trust, family dynamics, loneliness, etc. 

Also for individuals (hopeful spouses) wanting to work on their relationship until their partner gets on board. 

Packages tailor-made for you. 

4 x 90-minute sessions (R3 600)

8 x 90-minute sessions (R6 750)

10 x 90-minute sessions (R8 100)

All sessions must be done within 6 months of signing up. Optional individual sessions to work on triggers charged extra (at R500 an hour, if needed). 


R3 600

Personal Goals Coach

Individual Growth and Self-Esteem Coaching

For individuals wanting to expand their potential, uncover their blocks and be guided in their growth. 


"Choose discomfort over resentment." Brene Brown

4x 90-minute sessions: R3 000

8x 90-minute sessions: R5 800

10x 90-minute sessions: R6 750


R3 000

29, 7th Avenue, Voelklip, HERMANUS

Western Cape, South Africa

The Couples Connection

Tel: +27- (0)87-135-4344

Tehilla Luttig

Registered Private Practice Counsellor 

Pr No 0538396 Reg No PRC0016837  

(Hons. BSocSci Psychology - UCT 2007)

Certified Life Coach

Licensed BWRT practioner

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