Couples Counselling is specific, professional support for couples who are hurting; resentful; feeling alone & disconnected, or shattered by the discovery of an affair(s).

You don't need to know how to fix this, just that you want to! (And if you're not sure - Discernment Counselling is great for getting clarity on such a tremendously difficult decision).

Loss of connection, intimacy, betrayal, ugly-fighting and poor communication can put a lot of strain and insecurity on the once sacred vows and dreams.

It can feel cold, bitter and so heart wrenching to stop and look at the state of your relationship. Fortunately, through expert couples counselling selling the property (divorce) isn't always necessary. With the right guidance and tools you can rebuild the house (marriage), but this time build it even stronger. 

With professional, science-based (without ignoring your beliefs) support you can rebuild a stronger, safer home.

Using various modalities (like EFT, Gottmans, CBT, BWRT and my most recent training Working With Men (by Terry Real), I strive to help you two rekindle the connection and communication.

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Discernment Counselling are directed sessions for couples who are on the brink of divorce: where one still wants in in the marriage, but the other feels they want out.

It is not counselling, but a very effective way to help you both make the most informed decision on where the marriage is at. 

I am also the only person in SA qualified in Discernment Counselling.

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Ek kan die sessies in Engels of Afrikaans aanbied!

Trauma, phobias (fear), anxiety, depression, boundaries, weight loss, smoking, grief, emotional pain & more. 

BWRT® is the most effective therapeutic technique I've had the privilege to study! Not only is it incredibly effective but the speed at which you get results still astounds me. Many events can be worked through in one session, that would traditionally take months. Defusing depression is done in 4 to 6 sessions MAX! 

Using the amazing abilities of our brain's neuroplasticity we are able to quickly yet effectively work through past events, thoughts and fears in remarkable time.

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