Introducing Me (video):

I am passionate about helping people own their part in any relationship and thus helping you grow from within and with your significant others.

Everyone experiences various degrees of hardships, but very few people know how to turn hardships into turning points. I am a certified counsellor with many years of experience (internationally) and my mission is to help you unpack your thoughts, feelings, relationships, and past - so that you can rebuild your life and your relationships the way you chose to, and not how your past dictates for you. I also endeavor to give you the necessary tools to develop and grow.

Happily ever after doesn't just belong to fairytales, building happier and secure relationships take skills and I can teach them to you.

My mission is to help you:

  • improve your emotional well-being,

  • rewire your triggers,

  • enhance your relationship skills, and to 

  • empower you with useful tools.

Ek bied die sessies aan in Engels of Afrikaans. In Hermanus of Online.

Our Sessions are:

  • Professional (qualified, registered and ethical services);

  • Experienced (almost twenty years of working with families, as well as seven years in private practice, with global experience); 

  • Qualified (internationally trained in various science-based modalities as well as being internationally affiliated);

  • Affordable (to ensure quality access to more people);

  • Accessible (fully equipped, comfortable & welcoming office or online);

  • Safe (high confidentiality standards, and non-judgmental space);

  • Caring (compassionate, open, understanding and supportive counseling);

  • Relevant (continuously learning new and specialized training to be the best I can be to help you more thoroughly and as quickly as possible, like being trained in various BWRT techniques, having gold standard training for therapist support and also being the only person in South Africa trained in Discernment Counselling).


Congratulations on taking the first step!  I know whatever brought you here hasn't been easy. Did you know that you reaching out for help or support shows immense courage and strength?! 

Have a browse through my website and do not hesitate to ask any questions!  Ek is hier vir jou as jy enige vrae het.

PLEASE NOTE: All my sessions are ONLINE only for now.

'Psychology is not just the study of pathology, weakness, and damage; it is also the study of strength and virtue. Treatment is not just the fixing what is broken; it is nurturing what is best.' 

(Seligman & Csikszentmihalyi)

Private Office
Tehilla Luttig
Office Building
The Reception
Inside my office

29, 7th Avenue, Voelklip, HERMANUS

Western Cape, South Africa

The Couples Connection

Tel: +27- (0)87-135-4344

Tehilla Luttig

Registered Private Practice Counsellor 

Pr No 0538396 Reg No PRC0016837  

(Hons. BSocSci Psychology - UCT 2007)

Certified Life Coach

Licensed BWRT practioner

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