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Curtain Hug

Ready to wake up happy again?

You've tried talking, fighting, insisting, ignoring, and maybe even therapy before but you're still stuck! Stuck in the same loop. The same fight. The same disappointment!

I see you. I am so sorry for how frustrating and lonely it's been. I've got you now. My unique proven processes will help you two to understand what keeps you two stuck on a deeper level, and what it will take for you two to move forward.



Premium support in private, 1-on-1 sessions (where no other couples are part). 

Ideal for couples who want a seamless end-to-end experience tailormade for their unique needs. Whether your marriage has been shattered by an affair or slowly withered down by resentment, let me help you two find your way and see what you want to do from a place of perspective and not reactionary to the crisis.

There is a 2-4 week waitlist for this coveted service.

Small Groups

Join a small group of couples to get the skills needed to up-level your relationship into something you are proud of. Join us in the 8-weeks Equipped for Love Master Classes.

These groups only happen a few times a year. They are kept small so we can be intimately led and I can create a personalized experience for each of you joining.


For those who want to do it themselves, learn what it takes to create thriving relationships via my video courses.


Ready to hop on a call? I'd love to hear from you. My assistant Chantelle will be available to set up the call for us. Please note, all my sessions are via Zoom (unless for fly-in safaris / intensives).


South African Business Hours Only
International Service

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