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4-Week Bootcamp

Great to get clarity on why you two are where you're at, and if you would like to stay in the relationship.

Also a program for couples who would like to jump-start their healing and to lay a stronger foundation.

Yoga at Home

Are you tired of going around in circles, over the same argument that just doesn't seem to go anywhere? You both either flooded (shut down or fired up), before it's even began, or find talking about it leads to past experiences being thrown around or your fights are finger-pointing, fact-shoving, going-no-where kinda conversations?

Maybe you're both even considering separation because it is just too painful to keep going like this?

Or maybe you're the kinda couple that never fights. you're both good at appeasing and serving but the hidden resentment or distance is starting to taste bitter. 

The things can't be hidden under the carpet anymore, you're tripping over it now..

The 30-Day Bootcamp is a one-month commitment to dig deep into seeing how you two got here, and then working on what we discovered to help you both get a clear path forward.

This Bootcamp is the basis of all my programs, and is for couples who want more! (Even if you're considering separation, the insights gained from the Bootcamp are super useful in helping you understand your feelings and you can make a more confident decision).

Our aim is to rip off the band-aid, bring awareness to the patterns festering underneath (and why they're there), to challenge some core beliefs, and guide you to better conversations and deeper connections.

The 30-Day Bootcamp is intensive! It's deep and requires a dedicated commitment - but this allows for a MASSIVE shift, in JUST 30 Days!

Please note: 

For those with many years of hurt & betrayal (or those in the throws of affair discovery), the 30-Day Bootcamp is just a kick-start and not long enough to heal as deep as needed.

I recommend more individual sessions during our time to help you de-activate the triggers and work through the why's. This would be best served under the 90-day or longer. 

What you will get in this 30-day Bootcamp:


Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship patterns and what your family of origin has to do with any of this.


Work with and through my top tools for communication, based on 10-years of studies from top names in the field of psychology.


Personally Deactivate 1-2 triggers / limiting beliefs.


Learn to ground yourself (regulation) for emotional safety and trust in difficult conversations.


Lifetime access to my course, the ultimate couples toolbox, Intimately Loved. Where you will have video's explaining a lot of what we talked about in our sessions to refresh your memory along the way!

"We've gotten more in thirty minutes with you than we did in four months of therapy with our previous therapist!"

For this 4-week intensive, including the big assessment and access to my course, The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox.

Limited space for discounted rates. Enquire if needed.

It is important to ask yourself - what is not getting help costing you?

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