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Going to counselling can feel incredibly uncomfortable and scary. Not only must you go tell a stranger your most precious commitment seems to be failing, but you need to be open up to them about your feelings and fears! Who wouldn't be scared! That's why every single person that walks through my doors I see as courageous and incredible! And that's also why I try to make the sessions as comfortable as possible. I guide, support and meet you where you are at. I never judge - no matter what brings you here. And I give you insight and tools into understanding what's happened and how to change it.

If happily-ever-after was so easy, there would not be so many self-help marriage books, and divorce would be an unknown term.


You don't need to know how to fix your relationship, all I require is a drizzle of commitment to trying. [And for those who can't commit, discernment counselling is a wonderful way of getting more clarity on your decisions available].


I offer different structures depending on your reason for reaching out.
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Couples Counselling Options:

  1. Relationship Assessments

    • GOTTMAN Relationship Assessments: An in-depth, online assessment that explores the strengths and struggles of your relationship according to the sound relationship house theory (a way to explain what's needed to build a strong relationship, and get insight into where you misunderstand each other).

    • SYMBIS: Originally created as a premarital assessment, now used for premarital couples, married couples and even couples who've been married before. It is a convenient tool to show you each (in a 19-page report) the effects of your personality on each other and on different elements such as marital attitudes, financial matters, etc.

  2. Premarital Coaching Workshop

    • For couples wanting to give their marriage a solid foundation (even for couples who had been married before). A wedding lasts a day, but let your marriage have a better chance to last a lifetime.

  3. Couples Workshop

    • For couples who are struggling to communicate, feeling disconnected and alone, or couples who no longer feel in love.

  4. Affair Recovery Counselling

    • For couples who have been shattered by an affair and need help not only rebuilding their trust but also exploring what was broken before the affair.

  5. Couples’ Basics

    • For couples who have a rather solid relationship but would like some tools to make it stronger.

  6. Discernment Counselling

    • For when one partner isn’t sure if they want to continue with the marriage or not.

  7. Weekend Intensives

    • A full weekend of counselling that can include all assessments if they’ve not been done before.

Premarital Coaching

  • Online Assessment: SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts)  (R1 000).

  • Feedback and Coaching over an average of three 2-Hour Sessions (R600 per hour).

  • Be sure to send me an email address for each of you to send the links to. 

Couples Counselling is a wonderfully insightful and descriptive approach to help couples understand and heal their relationship. 

o   Stage One starts with a joint one-and-a-half-hour session where we get to meet each other, and I get to understand the two of you better. You also decide here which online assessment you should do. If affordable, I do recommend doing both. While you two are completing your online assessments, we need to do two individual sessions, one with each of you. This allows me to understand your childhood and past a bit better, and it's effect on current expectations and relationships.

o   Stage Two is where the deeper work begins. We discuss what I found from Stage One, work through your online report, and start work according to the treatment plan decided. I use various tools and techniques learned internationally and from the years in private practice in our sessions.


(All sessions are charged according to the hours you book them for. Assessments are paid for separately and are not sent before payment is made).


Affair Recovery Counselling is a very intensive process. Due to the severity of the trauma and relationship disconnection, a very deep and in-depth approach is needed. 

o   Stage One:

  • We start with a joint session where I get to meet you both and understand you two and your situation a bit better. We can skip this if the hurt partner is not ready to be with the other in the same room yet. 

  • Afterwards, we do an individual session with each of you. Here I explore the betrayal and it’s meaning to each of you further. We can do more than one individual session if needed. 

  • Once you two are ready we will do joint couples sessions to help you two address current questions and fears.

o   Then, Stage Two:

  • As soon as you two are ready we will start with Couples Counselling (which will then include the assessments, individual history sessions, etc: see 3. above).

o   Stage Three:

  • Checking-in (follow-up) every two months, to make sure you are both progressing together. This will end when you both decide you are ready.


Basic Counselling is the same approach and direction as the Premarital Coaching (See 1. above).


Discernment Counselling is 2-hours per session. 1 – 5 sessions max. At the end of each session, we decide together whether or not another Discernment session is needed. Discernment counselling is not couples counselling, but a way for you both to get clarity on your current situation and the decisions needed to be made.


Weekend Marriage intensives is a very full, in-depth weekend for those who come from far; can’t get off work in the week; or who prefer to work really intensively to cover more ground over a quicker time! The marriage weekend intensive has been found to offer the equivalent of roughly six months of counselling over one weekend! Please contact Couples Therapy Inc. for more details.

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