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Self-Study e-Courses

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The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox

By far the cheapest way to get my personal support. A 50+ module video course with instant access, as well as a private FB group for people who want to get their relationship skills confidently mastered to get them the relationship they desire to have.

Get immediate access to my TOP tools and approach to understanding your relationships better and how to get more intimately loved.

I really love this course so much and it could easily be $997 (it was in 2022 but I wanted more people to be able to access it). I've also given this course to my family and friends as I believe in it so much. I know your life and relationship will be changed for signing up. 


After the Affair

Immediate access to a course to guide you while you navigate the immediate crisis after discovering an affair(s).

Mind Body Soul Masterclass 3.png

Soul Body Mind: The Wealth Within

A spiritual-Christian view at living life with purpose. We are souls having a human experience and it get's to be pleasurable. This 3-day masterclass is a great course, and it's only $1!! 


It's A Communication Issue

Get the ONE THING you need to turn your communication with your partner around. Build confidence and start making changes today! 

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