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Once-Off Couples Session

Maybe you two don't want to join a program right now, either because you don't have the time, or money, or maybe because you think it's just one thing you two need to work on.. I am now offering once-off Couples Sessions. 

1/2 Day or Full Day

A Quickie - Short but effective

You can choose if you'd like me to help you two work through an issue over three to five hours. You will have some online work to complete before the time so that I have more insights into your situation and give you the best support.

I don't always recommend this offer as one session is usually not enough to save a marriage, but if you need one session - I'd rather offer one than none. And from years of experience, I can find common threads and important elements pretty quickly that should give you two profound insights to work on by yourself later.

You can do this with your partner or alone.

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