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Self-Study e-Courses

Intimately Loved,
The Ultimate Relationship e-Course

Get immediate access to my TOP tools and approach to understanding your relationships better and how to get more intimately loved.

Over 8-weeks you can transform your relationship, at your own pace and convenience.

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Guilt-Free Boundaries

Boundaries are not to hurt your relationships or keep people coldly out, but about protecting yourself in relationships from over-giving or fear.


Soul Body Mind: The Wealth Within

A spiritual-Christian view at living life with purpose. We are souls having a human experience and it get's to be pleasurable.

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Relationship Saboteurs

Learn about attachment theory and how it impacts your relationship patterns in profound ways.


(This course is included in the Intimately Loved course).


After the Affair

A short course to help you navigate the immediate crisis after discovering an affair(s).


Reclamation of Self

This is not a course, but a group program for mothers who feel like they've lost themselves in the process of wife and motherhood and would like to find their inner joy and confidenc again.

Next round starts in October 2022.

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