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Wake Up Happy

Rewire your past to create a love you're passionate about

Are you ready to exchange the loneliness, struggle, and resentment for connection, support, and intimate connection?

Imagine feeling seen, understood, and looking forward to seeing each other again? Where sharing about feelings and having deeper conversations is easy, and laughter rings through the house again..

Already know you want in? Book your free discovery call here:

We're talking

  • Healing from unfinished past hurts;

  • Having supported deep conversations on topics that in the past hurt too much or just went around in circles;

  • Less "shutting down" from one partner, and "pushing to talk" by the other;

  • Deeper conversations, easily;

  • Better sex;

  • Deeper Intimacy;

  • More Fun;

  • More laughter;

  • Support and teamwork;

  • Clarity on roles & expectations;

  • Better boundaries;

  • Deep inner safety...

I've helped hundreds of people over the last 10plus years achieve deep transformation.

I want this for you too! 

“When we started I did not want to do this. I didn’t believe therapists could do anything to help. I thought they were overpaid listeners, to be honest. But you’ve really helped me see things I didn’t know about us and about me. I understand more now. You made it easy to talk and always know the right questions to ask. Thank you!”



Learn the sabotaging habits and behaviors that have been suffocating the love you two have for each other – even if you feel the flames have been extinguished.



Overcome stuck arguments patterns and master next-level communication skills so that you are equipped for any situation life throws at your relationship.



Validate your love and eliminate the invisible blocks that have been causing the arguments to escalate, driving you two further apart, so that you can grow closer, and be on the same team again!



Evolve your relationship into a secure marriage where you feel deeply loved and desired - no matter what - so that even difficult conversations (outside our sessions), can be handled confidently!

What's the ultimate definition of success? Whether it is financially, physically, emotionally, in your family, etc... I would say the goal of your efforts boils down to being able to Wake Up Happy again. My desire for you is to experience waking up happy again too. 

(Note: if you're here because of an affair(s), please see the options for working with me here. It's a different route, as we need to work through more live triggers and PTSD-type containment. You can still read everything on this page, but the process we will follow is on that page).

Wake Up Happy:

Image by Spencer Davis


30-Day Bootcamp

Bootcamp: "A typically short, intensive, and rigorous training." 

This 30-Day Bootcamp is for you if you are ready to breathe some new life into your marriage!

It is also the foundation of my 90-Day Reset signature program.

This is a 1:1 VIP experience only! There are no other couples taking part.

Image by Tomoe Steineck


Wake Up Happy
Rewired For Love

Image by Deedee Geli

Wake Up Happy
Private Group Program

Creating habits means putting things on auto-pilot so they become a natural way of doing and being.

Contrary to popular belief, a new habit, to be adequately grounded takes 63 days! 

This 90-day Rewired For Love is to give us ample time, post-Bootcamp, to ground in what was learned, and create new neural pathways that last.

This is a private group with regular participation from me, where you get access to my best tools in videos and worksheets, and lives as well as to build a community together with other likeminded souls who want more for their marriage and family. 

You get access to over 8 powerful modules, that are then further discussed in this private community and I host a monthly Q&A where I answer YOUR pressing questions. 

You will not only leave with brilliant relationship tools and knowing your partner better, but you will also feel deeply reconnected and tuned in to your self!

And on top of all that...

You are getting...


A Full Assessment

(1,5 day deep dive)


1:1 Expert support for you two as a couple and individually (individual support regarding the relationship)


WhatsApp or Voxer support (during office hours) (90-Day Members only)


Journal & Guided Meditations / Visualizations


Access to my self-study Confident Couples Toolbox Group


A full-day immersion (in person in Hermanus, South Africa), for those who are nearby. For the 9-month container only..

What will Relationship Alchemy do for you?

Show you your patterns that are getting you two stuck in a dance that neither of you like.

It will help you to recognize and rewire the unhelpful patterns of push and pull in the relaitonship.

It will help you heal from the major childhood trauma's and beliefs that hurt your relationship.

It will teach you some of the best tools in the therapy world for couples.

It will show you ways to regulate your nervous system to have safer disagreements.

It will improve your emotional intelligence.

It will teach you to connect with your body and form a healthy, incredible relationship with your body wisdom.

It will help you two have those difficult conversations safely.

It will build your confidence and trust in yourself.

It will help you be able to let go of and heal from old hurts and disagreements.

It will help you feel more seen, heard, and appreciated.

And for those doing the 90-days or 9-month Relationship Overhaul:

All of the above, as well as...

It will help you two connect deeper, and improve your intimacy.

It will show you two how to have more fun and laughter together.

It will help you get your needs met and your dreams appreciated.

It will help you feel more supported in your different roles and experiences.

There will be ample time for tweaking, seeing what works and what doesn't. And to keep you both accountable to the process of growth and connection.

Close your eyes for a moment and imagine your partner is happy to see you, you both embrace each other for long, the chemistry and love is tangible. And there is a deep appreciation between you two...

How does that feel?

How different does your life look with this being the norm in your relationship?

How does it affect your children?

It's time to go from DISTANT, LONELY, and FRUSTRATED to EASE and FUN.

If you area  couple who are both wanting to be closer, have less tension, and deeper fulfillment but you've tried so many things (maby even therapy before) and it didn't work so you don't know how to ... let me sort out the how.

You two need to choose to commit.


Commit to learning about yourselves.

Commit to learning about each other.

Commit to moving forward.

Commit to the sessions.

Commit to growth. 

Image by Jonathan Borba

Happily Ever After Does Not Only Belong To Fairytales

Image by Nathan Dumlao

You can't build a relationship today, on the foundations of an era so distant and different to our modern lives.

Today's romance is based on a time where we are inundated with information, and comparisons. Where everything from nappy changes to holidays are negotiated. Where men don't have the traditional patriarichal, expected role, and women are wanting to be more than barefoot and pregnant (nothing wrong with wanting that too, but their dreams and desires go deeper and women are allowed to dream for more and men's roles leave them sometimes feeling irrelevant or confused. 

We need guidance and support to create marriages that can handle the pressures and maintain deep appreciation and connection.

"The Quality of Your Relationships Determines the Quality of Your Life."


- Esther Perel


"I had no idea how to explain what was going on with us, or why. I didn't think happy was possible anymore. There was so much pain. But you helped us see things we couldn't before and your direction and softness made it so much easier. Thank you!

"You know your stuff. We've tried THREE different therapists before. They were good, but this is something completely different. And we're getting a lot deeper than they were willing to go."

Relationships affect not only your marriage, but your work productivity, your health, and even the relationships your children choose in the future!! I know it's a lot of pressure to put on someone, but it's the truth and that is why I am so very passionate about helping my couples find their spark again and build deep relationships!

Here is what we will cover in the Wake Up Happy programs:

30-Day Bootcamp 

Week One: The Relationship Assessment (About 8 hours in session, and online work to complete at home).
Week Two: 3-Hour Couples Session according to the feedback of the assessment.
Week Three: Two Individual Sessions. One session with each of you for individual support. 90-Minutes per session.*
Week Four: 3-Hour Couples Session to ground the month's takeaways.

90-Day Rewired For Love  

Week One: The Relationship Assessment (About 8 hours in session, and online work to complete at home).
Week Two: Three-Hour Couples Session according to the feedback of the assessment.
Week Three to about Eight: Two Individual Sessions. One session of 90-minutes with each of you for individual support
Week Nine to Eleven: Joint 3-hour sessions to work on necessary relationship issues and integrate the healing.
Week Twelve: Wrapping up and celebrations.

9-Month PlatinumRelationship Overhaul 
After the above approach, we dig deeper into themes relevant to rebuilding relationships on stronger foundations.
Month 4: Somatic Work and EQ over one couples session (2x Individual sessions can be added if needed)
Month 5: Roles & Expectations (1x Couples Session)
Month 6: Mindset and Goals (1x Couples Session)
Month 7: Shame, values, apologies (1x Couples Session)
Month 8: Intimacy & Trust (1x Couples Session)
Month 9: Accountability, Boundaries, And Moving On (1x Couples Session)
With the 9-month accountability option, we are aware that life happens and sometimes we need extra support in unforeseen circumstances. If you two require an additional session or two here or there, it is available here at no extra charge. 

*Please note:
- The themes can be rearranged and redecided according to the assessment and the couples' needs.
- Individual sessions can be swapped with the couples sessions if needed / preferred. 
- The time is the time I will book out for us to work. It doesn't mean we must use all that time, but we have the option to, should you wish to.
- The individual and couples sessions are, as needed. Therefore they are spread out more and more, over the months with the majority of the work falling into the first three months. But this does not mean the next months aren't relevant. They have a big impact on recalibration, accountability, thematic support, and tweaking. Also, as life is not static, and things happen, we can always arrange extra sessions at times if needed. Or less, when you are busy. 


This program is for:

Couples who want more for their marriage.

Couples who are ready for deep transformation.

Couples who are prepared to go deep within themselves to change their marriage.

Couples who are willing to unpack their own contribution to the marital issues for the greater growth of the marriage.

Couples who want to show their children what marriage can look like.

Couples who want to laugh more again.

Couples who love each other, despite the pain or resentment.

Couples committed to thriving over surviving their relationship.

This program is NOT for:

Couples who are not willing to look at themselves during the process.

Couples who are not able to commit to regular 2-3 hour sessions, for the first month.

Couples who feel it's only their partner's issue.

Couples struggling with active addiction, abuse, or unsupported mental illness.

Couples with poor internet connection.


Let's connect. I always do a 15-minute free call before I sign anyone as I need to make sure we are a good fit!

+27-28-001-0555 (South Africa Time Zone)