Wake Up Happy: 90-Day Rewired For Love

The 90-Day Rewired for Love is a beautiful commitment resetting your relationship from despair to desire. Where we solidify new insights and heal old hurts, as well as do mindset and identity healing.

The 90-Day Reset to Love is the ultimate one-on-one intensive where I get to personally walk you two through the top things sabotaging your happily ever after.

We first uncover what's been tripping you up, and then we explore these triggers in weekly individual sessions first. This allows us to have emotionally available, safe, and deep sessions when you two do the joint couples sessions.

All my sessions are longer than average to make sure we dig deep and give you the quickest, yet most effective transformation that lasts.

I want to make sure you two are released from big triggers from the past (unfortunately our childhood experiences do taint our expectations) and feel super confident with emotional regulation when you're done with our 3-month program!

And that we've had ample time to tweak what works and what didn't stick.

And also to have enough time to have guided, difficult conversations with me present, so that when you two are done, you feel a lot more confident to have them on your own when needed.

Step One: Uncover & Equip

Week One: Assessment & Discussing the way forward (±8 Hours)*

Week Two: Practice with the Most Important Tools You Need in a 3-hour session.

*Don't worry about the long times, it goes fast. Really. My clients all love how quickly we get to work through things since we don't need to spend so much time catching up each week anymore. 

Step Two: Healing The Triggers & Having Difficult Conversations & Tweaking For Best Fit

Week Three - Eight (usually, but decided as needed): De-Activating Triggers (an individual session with each of you) using BWRT or other techniques as needed.

Week Nine - Twelve: Couples Sessions (3 hours per week) to work through relationship hurts and to pave the way to a happy new, solid future together

*The sessions can be alternated. Sometimes we need more individual sessions before we do the couples sessions so that we are de-escalated enough to have safe, loving, conversations.

Please note: 

For those with many years of hurt & betrayal (or those in the throws of affair discovery), I recommend more individual sessions during our time to help you de-activate the triggers and work through the why's. We will cover a lot in the 90-day but we would need a longer time afterwards usually, because of the extra time individually needed.

What you will get in this 90-day Rewired For Love:


Gain a deeper understanding of your relationship patterns and what your family of origin has to do with any of this.


Work with and through my top tools for communication, based on 10-years of studies from top names in the field of couples therapy.


Personally Deactivated triggers / limiting beliefs with BWRT and my unique Body EQ methods.


Learn to ground yourself (regulation) for emotional safety and trust in difficult conversations. Have time to practice and tweak it for optimal use in our sessions.


Have some past, difficult conversations in my sessions where I can guide you two. This not only helps heal the old hurts, but shows you how to do it on your own going forward.


Feel more clear and confident moving forward.


Intimately Loved, The 8-Week Mastermind.  You get instant access to my course, all the materials, and the FB group. This includes a journal, worksheets, videos to recap what you learned whenever needed, and a community in a private FB group.


A journal is included to use along your journey and to reflect on again in the future. This is in the Intimately Loved course.

Contact me for a discounted price if needed

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"You managed to put into words what made no sense to us. I wish we did this years ago!"

My prices are a lot more than traditional therapy. But I would like you to consider a few things before writing off the investment.

What would couples therapiy for 1,5 years cost you? And if you two did individual therapy each for 6 months on top of that? 

How much would divorce cost you? And your, your exes and your childrens therapy bill?

How much did your house revonations cost?

How much do your holidays cot? And what do they cost emotionally when you or your partner is there but not 'there'. Where either of you (or both of you) have checked out and living in your phones or in the bottle of wine and not enjoying each other anyway? 

This may sound flippant or harsh but I know the costs of these things and how we don't realise what the cost of not doing this costs.

And i know we get done in 3 months what most couples take 1-3 years to do? And I work with you two as a couple but we do a lot of individual healing in the process too. So it's like couples and individual work together!

If one considers it that way, you will see that it is not expensive afterall.

To reset your relationship, understand what happened and how it got here so you can work on preventing it from getting here again. To be able to see each other with new respect and intimacy. To bring love back into the relationship and be role models for your children. To help your home become a haven again.. There is no price on that.