"An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest." - Benjamin Franklin


Healthy relationships (with our partners and ourselves) have an effect on longevity, productivity and even our health too. I, therefore, believe that counselling is not a luxury but a necessity.


Our sessions are 90-minutes long, however, our private workshops are full days (5-hours) and I do offer ½ days (3-hour sessions) when requested too. I am flexible to suit your time, needs and budget.

Individual sessions:

​For those interested in coming for individual sessions. 90-minute sessions are by far the most popular as clients feel an hour can often be just too short and 90-minutes allows one to get really deep without it being too exhausting. 


90-Minutes: R750.00 - All sessions are booked as 90-minutes unless you specify otherwise.

2-Hours: R1 000.00

I do not recommend longer than 2-hours at a time for individual counselling.

BWRT's first sessions must be at least 90-minutes long. The depression counselling's first two sessions are 2-hours long.

Many people worry that 90-minutes or 2-hours could be too long, but my clients have expressed surprise at how fast the time goes and

how much they prefer the longer sessions. Give it a try, and let me know what you feel afterwards if you'd like. 


Couples Workshops & Sessions:

Full-Day (e.g. 5 Hours: 9am-12 then 2pm-4pm):

            Weekdays: R3 000.00

                            R5 000.00 (Saturdays or Public Holidays)

Assessments: See below.

Followed by:

90-Minute Sessions: R900-00 each

Half-Day Mini-Workshops: R1 800-00 (3-hours)

                                       R3 000-00 (Saturdays or public holidays)

Online Assessment Prices: 

SYMBIS Assessment: R1 000-00

Gottman Assessment: R1 000-00

Love Languages: Free

Attachment Style: Free

This price does NOT include the feedback of the assessment. This is covered within the workshop or during a double-session that needs to be booked.​



Averages 4-6 Sessions.

First Two Session: Two Hours each - R1 000.00

Subsequent sessions: 90 minutes at R750-00 each. (Depending on how many triggers there are, we may need the longer sessions).

Only while we are going will we be able to know if we need subsequent sessions or not? 

Defusing Depression unfortunately only works if you really want to commit to the process and the homework (short worksheet). And I understand that it's hard to want to commit to anything when you're depressed. But, for what it is worth - it is the most effective depression tool I've ever had the pleasure of learning. 




2 Sessions. Must have a week in between the first and the second session. Don't miss the second session, no matter how good you're feeling after the first one!



The Discernment Counselling Process (1 - 5 sessions maximum).

First Session: Two Hours - R1 200.00

Second (and consequent sessions): One-and-a-half Hours - R900.00 each

Each session's progress determines the need for another session or not. There will never be more than 5 Discernment sessions.