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Happy and thriving is within your reach
and does not need to take years.

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I am so sorry that you are here - because I know that what has brought you here has not been easy. But I am so grateful that you are looking for support. I have dedicated the last decade to ensuring I know enough to help parents get the best support in the quickest amount of time. I believe in a happy lasting relationships that do not only belong to fairytales. Understanding the psychology of people, relationships, trauma, and the body has given me a leading edge in supporting couples.

Marriage, like parenting, is sacred - but oh so hard at times! Especially when we didn't have the best role models! Not to mention how much things have changed since our parents raised us!  If any of this were easy, there would literally just be one book! But there isn't - there are thousands of manuals and books (and they often contradict each other)!

Your being here already shows that you are resourceful and open to change. Things don't have to be so lonely, hard, and uncertain. Whether you feel like you're walking on eggshells or tired of the blow ups, maybe you even wish there were blow ups (that at least there was some action), it doesn't need to stay your fate! You deserve to be desired, cherished, and appreciated. You can see me as a couple, or alone if you're partner doesn't want to attend!

I do things very differently from traditional talk therapy, and my approach over the years has been molded and tweaked to create the deepest shifts in the shortest amount of time! 

I am a relationship coach and mentor, as well as a registered (licensed) counselor. I am passionate about helping you lead a life you love. I have learned, tweaked, created, and combined some incredible tools over ten years, that have allowed the hundreds of people I have seen to achieve great things in their life.

"When I think back to who I was before I found you, I can't believe how much better and happier and confident I am. 

I can honestly say that me and .... don't fight anymore. It is so so so so nice.

Thank you for who you are and what you do.

You changed my life.

I am so grateful I was with you."

Do you want to be the next one sending me this message, feeling this way? 

In this testimonial, she says they don't argue. They will still. Couples will still argue, truth is - it's not about never arguing again. It's about arguing better. One of the first signs things are changing, couples share with me are that the fights are less frequent, don't get as ugly, and the aftermath doesn't last as long!


Within 90-days or less, you will have healed many wounds and beliefs that have been keeping you back and creating staleness in your relationship, as well as have a very clear path for the future. One filled with wisdom, passion, and clarity.

You can work with me on your own, or with your partner. Either way, we've got this! 

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Happy Girl
The sexiest, most fun, deeply intimate relationship you desire... Starts with you!

Happily ever after does not only belong to the lucky few or fairytales. It is something you get to have too, with the right support, tools, and commitment. 

You are likely here because you are hoping for a chance to rekindle your romance. Or help you see if what you have is salvageable.

Maybe you want to get some support, even though your partner doesn't want to. Cause deep down you know there is more to life and love than what you've been experiencing, and you are no longer okay with pretending everything is okay. I know being here is scary, and you don't know what to expect. Maybe you've tried therapy before, or this is your first time, but either way, I want you to know I see you and I am here for you! And I do things differently!

With ten years of Private Practice experience helping individuals & couples around the world (and training under some of the top names in the world of couples therapy), I have combined my experience and expertise with YOU in mind. I make sure theory is practical too, and have mastered how to make the experience tangible with visible results. All my programs are designed to help you create deep, lasting change for a life that is cherished (and that your children can look up to too).

My name is Tehilla, and as a licensed counselor & now, international relationship coach, I am here to help you reset from despair and frustration to deep supportive love, desire, and fun. 

So if you're done with the dinner-table fights (or silent treatment), the resentment piled so high under the carpet that you are tripping over it, and you are desiring more... It's time to get the support you deserve!


Over the years I have learned that talk therapy on its own takes a very long. When we address our healing with the body (and soul for those who are religious - I am a spiritual Christian) we get to go a lot deeper, and sooner.

My approach is based on tools, identity shifts, and healing old wounds and triggers that prevent you from thriving in love. I don't do talk therapy alone but incorporate BWRT and my unique Body-EQ for deeper transformations.

Clients can work with me in 1:1 sessions, via my group programs run 3-4 times a year, do one of my self-study e-courses, or join me for a Couples Retreat Safari!

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Turning your relationship around requires a three-dimensional approach. Tools alone are not enough, so we use amazing tools but also need to regulate the nervous system to get beyond survival and the mindset to support the identity we are trying to create!

No one teaches us what it takes to have a deep, juicy relationship.


And so we try our best.


But the passion runs out, the conversations turn sour, and the connection feels scorching instead of igniting.


What we think are personality issues, or poor communication skills, are actually issues that are a lot deeper than that, and that is why communication tools are not enough to create the deep intimate connection you desire!

That is why all my programs are designed to tackle your issues from three angles, working on your conscious, subconscious, and primitive brain to make sure we have the deepest change with lasting results.

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I would highly recommend your services and guidance to anyone who truly wants to heal and grow.
Your ability to reveal the most vulnerable places to heal and provide awareness and self-healing tools is exceptional.

Your intuitive ability is far from traditional talk-therapy, but rather a far deeper, more holistic healing process.

The relationship with you has been truly life-changing.

You have the ability to very fluidly and quickly move into a space of silence to allow yourself to sense where to move next, and then to intuitively guide a reprogramming in that area.

The change that takes place is rapid and long-lasting and can be felt almost instantly.

It's almost that by the end of a session, I forget what the challenge was that I had walked in with.

Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with the world.

Margie, SA

To get the deep support, love, intimacy, and connection you desire (in 90-days or less) I created the ultimate program geared at not only equipping you but transforming your relationship identity too!

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Many couples that come to me have been to therapy before. They have tried the traditional talk therapy once a week route and found it wasn't enough to create the lasting impact they needed. As a mom, wife, licensed counselor, international coach, and mentor I take pride in making sure I offer strategies and sessions that work - not only sounding good in the office but that you can implement at home too!

Needless to say...    



  • Our sessions are a minimum of 90-minutes each (we start with longer sessions from 3-6 hours long with couples). These longer sessions allow us to get done in a day that would typically take weeks. (And for those of you worried about longer sessions being too long - I often hear those concerns, but ALL my clients comment how fast the time then goes and how grateful they are for the time to fully process and be heard). 

  • I am more directive. I don't just nod my head and listen (like movies can poorly illustrate a therapist's role).

  • I offer plenty of strategies (based on my deep thirst for practical knowledge and tools) but I also use mindset, visualizations, emotional intelligence, somatic (body) work, and I am spiritually led (Christian without judgment or condemnation).

  • I offer high-ticket fly-in (to any destination in the world, or I can set up a South African safari of wildlife or sea experience) for weekend or weeklong intensives. These are VIP experiences and only for 1 couple at a time. 

  • I do not judge. My clients all comment somewhere along the line about how safe they feel with me. I see you for who you really are, until you do too. And you're not bad - like you might think you are.

  • I am selective with whom I work. I do not work with anyone who is not committed to growing; with couples who are in abusive relationships if they're not seeking individual therapy for that at the same time; where addiction is active. The selection process makes sure we are a great fit and have the best chance for success for you!

  • I do an assessment with my couples. After many years I noticed that the symptoms (usually poor communication) are a result of many childhood elements, and so we do a deep assessment to make sure we work on all the layers and not just the presenting symptoms.

  • I use BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Technique) to help deactivate active triggers and traumatic memories (especially useful for affair recovery and bad childhood experiences that keep showing up).

  • I believe in you until you do too. 

  • I believe trusting yourself is vital to any relationship depth and success and is a big factor in our work.

  • I offer containers based on a deep understanding of how things typically work for my couples (yet very individually tailored). My work isn't just theoretical fluff but practical and transformational (if you're committed to learning about yourself in the process).

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