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Anxiety is still a symptom - not the cause.

If living small was all you were meant for - it wouldn't feel so uncomfortable.

Now this doesn't mean you have to take over the world and become a mega-star (unless you want to / are one of course), but it means there is a calling within you that you can't shake. And it's time to let go of the noise that's been getting in the way.

What I have discovered, as a mother and wife, is that finding our voice / calling / space isn't selfish but the most beautiful gift you can give your children and partner and allows your children to have more confidence in following their calling one day!

I am a trauma-informed, highly experienced, multi-disciplinary-equipped licensed counselor and coach, and love helping women heal from the invisible fears and past conditioning holding them back. Whether it's from the childhood adversities you faced or the relationship turmoils you struggling to stand up from under, I've got your back. And front. And heart.

So if you're:

  • Drowning in resentment

  • Exhausted from being walked over and unappreciated;

  • Lonely from looking fine but feeling unseen;

  • Suffocated by anxiety;

  • Struggling to make meaningful connections with a partner not interested in coming to therapy (or blames you);

  • Crippled in arguments, and unable to voice your needs in an assertive (but still loving) manner;

  • Feel unappreciated and disconnected by your friends and / or family;

  • Maybe you dread seeing your family;

  • Struggling to socialize;

  • Or maybe grieving and need support;

I've got you.

I have helped hundreds of women through these issues. Hoping your children start treating you better, or your husbnad starts respecting you more, or that you will wake up one day (after enough positive thinking) happier is leaving you pwerless and adding to the suffering and resentment.

Let me help you heal the childhood conditioning and fears that are keeping you from showing up the way you really desire.

Many women I see seem soo "together" and they are pillars for their friends and their families - but they are worn out and empty. We as women get taught to give give give. But the Feminine state is to receive! 

Let me help you get back in touch with your real you - in a way that makes those who love you happy too.

"Wow!  It was truly one of the most powerful, intense and significant experiences of my life.  I assume it was evident? 


I want to thank you from the bottom of my 50 year old heart and from the bottom of my baby heart, my little girl heart, my teenage girl heart, my young woman heart, my broken heart and my whole heart.  Thank you for asking the question, thank you for working your magic and miracles and mostly, thank you for holding the safest, most compassionate space for me to go and meet that little girl, to see her and make her feel seen, to protect her and make her feel protected, to set her free and make her feel loved and bring back the possibility of joy to both her and me.


And to think that wasn't all you did for me/us these past 2 days!?!

Thank you for sharing your divine gift.


With enormous gratitude and love,

SM x"

"Hi Tehilla. I hope you are well.

I felt the full benefits of BWRT yesterday. I bumped into my ex [who had cheated] and his new girlfriend at the shops. It did catch me off guard, but I did not feel angry at all or even sad.

They were the ones who were very uncomfortable around me. I'm not going to lie, but it feels weird not to be angry or sad. But at the same time it feels good.

I just wanted to say thank you for helping me through this difficult year. I really appreciate you."

"I absolutely love your wealth of knowledge beyond my issue. You connect dots that I didn't see. You held space for me, no matter where the session brought us. I know I was a tough nut to crack because my mind wouldn't allow me to go places, but with the trust you had in me, I could do it. 

I thought I came to work with you on my sex life. But it was so much more than that. I processed grief, anger, abandonment, fear, and feeling different to my family of origin.

I would absolutely refer you to anyone who who wants to establish inner safety, safety with their body, their senses, their sexuality. anyone who wants to repair and re-establish self-love and self-acceptance.

thank you from the bottom of my heart. and I am sure my husband and my kids would thank you too!"



Once Off Session

Book a once off session with me (for 90-minutes or up to 3-hours)!

Let's dive deep into a specific issue or phobia and see if we can clear it for you.

From US$350*

10-Session Package

I usually recommend starting with 2x per week sessions and then moving to weekly so we spend less time catching up and more time geting to the root cause.

Valid for use for 6 months

3-months of Healing

Starting off with 2x a week sessions then moving to weekly sessions. Three months of healing support to turn things around you.

How different would your life be in three months time if you were more confident, better at boundaries, and learning to love yourself fully?

US$1,500 pmx3*

$4,000 PIF

6-Months of TLC

Starting with 2 sessions a week the first month, then once a week for two to three months and then twice a month from there, you are bound to have the ultimate support and transformation to give you the confidence, courage, and joy to live life more fully alive!

What would be different in your life then? Picture it - becuase it's waiting for you.

US$1,200 per month x6

$6,000 PIF

*Please note: You can apply for a discounted rate, especially fellow South Africans earning Rands. But spaces are limited.

I am here to help you heal deeply so you can thrive in love and life. Let's hop on a call so you can get to know me and se if you feel comfortable with me. We can then also tailor-make any of these offers according to your needs. I am passionate about helping women thrive. 

My methods include science, psychology, and body-work. I help you, through your powerful subconscious mind, for a deep and meaningful connection with your body so that you not only get to release the stored memories and truama within but also tap into the wealth of wisdom and energy within you.

I am so proud of you for being here and can't wait for you to enjoy the comfort of finding confidence and safety within yourself again.

Send us a message
and we’ll get back to you shortly.

Thanks for submitting!

The Ugly Duckling was never ugly! He wasn't even a duck. What lies are you believing about yourself?

"I would highly recommend your services and guidance to anyone who truly wants to heal and grow. Your ability to reveal the most vulnerable places to heal and provide awareness and self-healing tools is exceptional. Your intuitive ability is far from traditional talk-therapy, but rather a far deeper, more holistic healing process. The relationship with you has been truly life-changing.

You have the ability to very fluidly and quickly move into a space of silence to allow yourself to sense where to move next, and then to intuitively guide a reprogramming in that area. The change that takes place is rapid and long-lasting and can be felt almost instantly. It's almost that by the end of a session, I forget what the challenge was that I had walked in with

Thank you for sharing your incredible gift with the world."

How's your relationship with yourself going?

I'd like to guide you through the noise of your thoughts and expectations (imposed by others or yourself) to discover yourself more clearly. Sometimes we're afraid that the 'real me' isn't good enough. What if you're wrong?

"Tehilla is 1 in a 1 000 000!!! She is incredibly passionate in her calling and God given gifts! She cares deeply for her clients and goes out of her way to be there to support you. .From the very first session you walk out of her rooms feeling understood, comfortable, heard and her approach is tailored to you specifically with her commitment to the health of each individual and their relationship as a whole. What is more, in 1 session you already feel equipped to make some positive changes.
Tehilla encompasses what it means to have a calling as opposed to a career or job. This is something you rarely find in today's times. She invests in your well-being.
Her beautiful nature spills over into her passion, her knowledge and experience is second to none.
We are so incredibly grateful to have her walk our journey with us. She has made us see our marriage in a new light with no anger, resentment, feeling as though we are falling apart and not on the same page.
She is an Angel of hope!

Thank you Tehilla!"


I would love to help you with:

  • Self-Esteem, Confidence, Finding Your Self 

  • Weight Issues

  • Impostor Syndrome

  • Performance Anxiety (Sports, exams or professional presentations)

  • Stop Smoking (Hypnosense Smoking Cessation & BWRT) 

  • Defusing Depression (VERY powerful BWRT method)

  • Parenting

  • Boundaries

  • Motivation, goals, and direction

  • ​​Dealing with divorce

  • Relationship Issues (one-sided couples therapy, or relationship problems with family members or friends)

  • Past hurts that still linger

  • Shame and it's shielding: Defensiveness / Aggression, Avoidance & People Pleasing / Perfectionism

  • Perfectionism & People Pleasing Behaviours (Being Unable to Say No)

  • Blame & Defensiveness (Victim vs Survivor mindsets)

  • Grief that you can't let go of (miscarriages included)

Don't know who you are? Start by asking yourself: "What experiences am I after? What do I want to feel? What makes me feel alive?"

Need some support with this? Contact me! Let's connect!


Putting the oxygen mask on yourself when the plane is in trouble is not selfish, but the most responsible thing to do. You cannot take care of the people you love (or the passions you pursue) the way you'd want to, when you're run down, empty or only ever reacting and not living. 

Whether you are recovering from a loss or frustrated with always saying yes, having no boundaries or never feeling like you're good enough, individual counselling can guide you back to your path, and help you find that inner strength it sometimes feels like everyone else has but you.


Avoidance, people-pleasing, perfectionism, anger, hostility and blame are often shields used to protect us from the shame & insecurity we feel within. The incredible pressure to live the life someone says we 'should' be living, someone's standards we strive to without actually knowing or questioning why. While our shields are in charge we are only responding to triggers and have little control over directing our lives. Let me help you break down those barriers and show you your true courage. Too often we spend our lives surviving and not living. Living life is not only for 'others' - it's within your reach! The ugly duckling didn't have to take lessons to become a swan. The 'outcast' duckling had to survive his past and believe the reflection he saw. The first time he saw his true being, that reflection of the big magnificent swan - I'm sure he took a double take before he accepted it. But when he saw who he truly was, he didn't need lessons on becoming a swan, he could just be. Let me help you see what I see when I look at you. It's so much easier to live life when you're not burdened by 'ugly duckling' fears and limitations.

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