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How's your relationship with yourself going?

I'd like to guide you through the noise of your thoughts and expectations (imposed by others or yourself) to discover yourself more clearly. Sometimes we're afraid that the 'real me' isn't good enough. What if you're wrong?

Ugly Duckling Is a Swan

The Ugly Duckling was never ugly! He wasn't even a duck. What lies are you believing about yourself?

Whether you are recovering from a loss or frustrated with always saying yes, having no boundaries or never feeling like you're good enough, individual counselling can guide you back to your path, and help you find that inner strength it sometimes feels like everyone else has but you.


Avoidance, people-pleasing, perfectionism, anger, hostility and blame are often shields used to protect us from the shame & insecurity we feel within. The incredible pressure to live the life someone says we 'should' be living, someone's standards we strive to without actually knowing or questioning why. While our shields are in charge we are only responding to triggers and have little control over directing our lives. Let me help you break down those barriers and show you your true courage. Too often we spend our lives surviving and not living. Living life is not only for 'others' - it's within your reach! The ugly duckling didn't have to take lessons to become a swan. The 'outcast' duckling had to survive his past and believe the reflection he saw. The first time he saw his true being, that reflection of the big magnificent swan - I'm sure he took a double take before he accepted it. But when he saw who he truly was, he didn't need lessons on becoming a swan, he could just be. Let me help you see what I see when I look at you. It's so much easier to live life when you're not burdened by 'ugly duckling' fears and limitations.

You can come to counselling for:

  • Self-Esteem, Confidence, Finding Your Self 

  • Weight Issues

  • Impostor Syndrome

  • Performance Anxiety (Sports, exams or professional presentations)

  • Stop Smoking (Hypnosense Smoking Cessation & BWRT) 

  • Defusing Depression (VERY powerful BWRT method)

  • Parenting

  • Boundaries

  • Motivation, goals, and direction

  • ​​Dealing with divorce

  • Relationship Issues (one-sided couples therapy, or relationship problems with family members or friends)

  • Past hurts that still linger

  • Shame and it's shielding: Defensiveness / Aggression, Avoidance & People Pleasing / Perfectionism

  • Perfectionism & People Pleasing Behaviours (Being Unable to Say No)

  • Blame & Defensiveness (Victim vs Survivor mindsets)

  • Grief that you can't let go of (miscarriages included)

Don't know who you are? Start by asking yourself: "What experiences am I after? What do I want to feel? What makes me feel alive?"

Need some support with this? Contact me! Let's connect!


Putting the oxygen mask on yourself when the plane is in trouble is not selfish, but the most responsible thing to do. You cannot take care of the people you love (or the passions you pursue) the way you'd want to, when you're run down, empty or only ever reacting and not living. 

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