Relationship Workshops

"The quality of your life is determined by the quality of your relationship." - Esther Perel

Traditional weekly therapy can take months to get to the core of things and can feel torturous as you wait for the next session while real life goes on in between.

But the idea of sitting in a workshop at your most exposed with a bunch of other couples you've never met also doesn't sound great either!?

Having seen the pressure of both the above options I have composed personalized private couples workshops/intensives exclusive to you! Get the benefit of months of therapy in a day! Personalized, professional support with just the two of you in a day of intensive counselling and training!


Prerequisite: A desire to work on yourself in the process and being open to learning new skills.


PLEASE NOTE: If you prefer traditional weekly sessions - they are still an option! 


Solid Foundations

Spend a day learning key concepts and tools to creating your own Happily Ever After.

After completing online assessments we will spend the day (5 hours) going through your personalised report and science-based tools to help you build a strong marriage. Understanding you own and your partners patterns in communication and how to protect your passion.

The SYMBIS assessment is R1 000 and the workshop is R3 000 (R5 000 over weekends or public holidays). 

Couple Wearing Hats and Sunglasses
Connection, Intimacy & Communication


Learn the tools to rebuild your love, trust, and even intimacy.

Depending on your needs, we could do a basic couples workshop day (focusing on core relationship skills broadly). Or we can tailor your workshop(s) according to more specific needs based on you! 

For more in-depth, personalized workshops (intensives) we could meet for a session first and discuss it before booking a workshop.

Man behind Broken Glass

Shattered Trust

As impossible as it seems to be able to trust the other again, you can get deeper than ever.

Due to the severity of the betrayal an in-depth approach is required. You will each be required to meet me for an individual session before committing to the relationship workshop. You will also need to do the online assessments (either just the Symbis or the Gottman Sound Relationship House too).

Based on various, well researched approaches, affair recover is a long and painful process. But I have seen the relationships rebuild and be stronger than ever. 

Before anything please read this! And then send me a message to book your first step.