The Assessment

I am committed to highly effective, personalized sessions that get to the core of the issue as quickly as possible. By using a unique approach that incorporates the most potent components of proven therapeutic modalities, we can efficiently address your relationship needs.

The Big Assessment that we do is based on various online quizzes and in-person work, that get's to the core of your situation quicker.

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​The assessment also includes an individual session with each of you where I get to know you better and gather your history in order to get to know you better. The past has a profound impact on attitudes, triggers, and expectations that we bring into a relationship, and understanding your unique history allows me to help you as a couple quicker and more effectively.

Many clients bring me the issue of 'communication' as the problem, but there are root causes behind the poor communication and the assessment helps us dig into it and get to the cause to heal deeply.

Rest assured, all sessions are private and all sessions and workshops are tailored specifically for you - there will be no other couples in attendance!

"Choose discomfort over resentment." 

- Brene Brown

The Assessment Process:

Online At Home Tasks

You will receive access to a few online assessments as well as a questionnaire I created to send to you. These need to be completed and returned before our assessment so that I have enough time to go through it all. 

Session One 

This initial joint session lasts about 90-minutes and gives me an opportunity to get to know you, understand your needs as a couple, see how you communicate with one another generally, and we start the process of uncovering why you are here. It is not uncommon for couples to answer differently, and it's helpful to see where you don't see things the same.

Sessions Two & Three

​These are two individual 90-minute sessions where I learn more about you personally. We will discuss your family background, as well as significant events and people from your past that may have an impact on your current relationship experience and expectations.​


Session Four


This is a three-hour joint session where I will offer you feedback and insights derived from the assessments and homework you have completed. I will highlight the patterns and themes I have identified and how these affect your relationship. This provides powerful insights and informs how we will work together. I know that when your relationship is in trouble and you are hurting, it affects all aspects of your life so no time to waste on weekly sessions that are going nowhere, slowly!

And even if you cannot afford ongoing sessions, this feedback in the 30-Day Bootcamp will offer you such valuable direction as you embark on your journey to healing.

After the initial relationship 'assessment'

Depending on your needs, we usually jump into working on very important and useful communication tools, trust, and shame. And then we spend time working through difficult conversations and old hurts, using the new tools. During it all we are incorporating the new information, and understanding - recalibrating and renewing together.

This is done in the 90-Day Rewired For Love.

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Please take note of the following requirements:

  • You need to commit to learning more about yourself and your relationship. Couples mentoring is not a place to blame or criticize your partner but to take personal action to improve your relationship.        

  • Anyone struggling with addiction, mental illness, or domestic violence will need to be in ongoing, active individual therapy with a separate therapist before we can begin couples mentoring.

  • With affairs, further individual sessions are typically required. I recommend using Brain Working Recursive Technique Therapy (BWRT), which I can do with you, to work through triggers. The person who had the affair(s) also needs to dig deep into understanding the WHY of the affair and what effects it's had on his / her identity. There is also necessary grief work to facilitate the healing process

  • For online sessions, a strong, stable internet connection is necessary. This is non-negotiable as it greatly affects the sessions effectiveness.

​​Price: $1,800

This includes all the assessments, and feedback (roughly 8-hours).

BONUS: Intimately Loved e-Course (valued at $444)

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Getting mentoring is incredibly courageous so be gentle with yourself and one another. It takes immense strength to be vulnerable and present with ‘messy’ emotions than it does to pretend they do not exist or matter. ​

As you work together in your sessions and homework, you will reignite the intimacy, passion, and sense of connection that will allow you to create and enjoy the ‘happily ever after’ you dreamed of. 


​If you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, please click here or if you have any questions, queries, or concerns, please call (028-001-0555) or send an email to