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Tehillah Nicole Luttig Resumè 2019


Licence:  PRC0016837 & 0538396


Member of:  Health Professions Counsel of South Africa (HPCSA)

                   Psychological Society of South Africa (PsySSA)

                   British Brainworking Research Society (BBRS)

                   Board of Health Care Funders (BHF)

                   Association of Registered Counsellors of South Africa (ARCSA):

  • Founding Executive Committee Member of ARCSA

  • Member of ARCSA’s:

    • Professional Development and Ethics Committee  (served as Vice Chair 2018); &

    • Communications Committee.


Education:  BA Social Sciences (Psychology); University of South Africa

                 Postgraduate (Honors) Degree: B. Social Sciences (Psychology); University of Cape Town, SA


                Gottman Clinical Training Level 1 (Bridging the Couple Chasm. 2016. USA)

                   Gottman Clinical Training Level 2 (Assessment, Intervention & Co-morbidities - Couples. 2017. USA)

                   Certified BrainWorking Recursive Therapy Practitioner (BWRT) Level 1 (2017. SA)

                   Additional BWRT: Self Esteem Protocol (2017. UK)

                   Additional BWRT: Fertility Protocol (2017. UK)

                   Additional BWRT: Defusing Depression (2018. UK)

                  The Essex Institute Gold Standard Professional Therapist (UK 2019)

                   Mastering the Essentials: Your Couples Therapy Training Bundle with Dr Peter Pearson (USA 2019)

                   Professional Life Coach Certification & Guide (accredited) by Transformation Academy (USA 2019)

                   Discernment Counselling (2018. USA)

                   Working With Men (Terry Real) (2019. USA) 
                   SYMBIS (Save Your Marriage Before It Starts) Facilitator (2019. USA)

                 Making Divorce More Child-Friendly (2013. Dr. Smith. SA)

                 Interactional Analysis: Evaluating the Parent-Child Interaction (2013. SA)

                   Psychology Tutor for 2nd-year students at UCT (2007. UCT. SA)


                   Masters Level:  Awareness of Self within Developmental Theory (Dr. HB Grobler)

                                           Assimilation of Gestalt Therapy (Dr. Schoeman)

                                           Research methods – Community Engagement (Dr. M van der Merwe)

                   University of Stellenbosch Psychology CPD-Well Programme (2014 & 2015):

                                           Your Amazing Neurological Design

                                           Informed Consent: what why and how?

                                           A brief overview of commonly prescribed psychiatric drugs

                                           Emotional Intelligence and Success

                                           Family Resilience: Departure point for planning and intervention

                                           An Integrative Interactional Approach to Psychotherapy

                                           Psychoanalytic thinking about diversity implications for practice

                                           We all live in glass houses

                   Play Therapy:   Beginners and Advanced Courses of Dr. Schoeman

                                           Practice Utilization of Gestalt Play Therapy (Masters level – Dr Schoeman) (2012)

                                           Play Therapy Techniques for the ‘Angry Child’

                                           The Child Offender

                                           Mediation and Parenting Plans

                                           Parenting and Parenting Skills (Positive Discipline)

                                           Divorce: A new paradigm for practitioners

                   Other Courses & Events: Child Trauma Conference

                                           Optima School Readiness Assessment Training

                                           Big issues for kids: Bullying, technology, addictions & nutrition


                                           Theta Tourism: Qualified Western Cape Tour Guide (2009)

                                                  Mini-Course on Achieving Your Dreams (2018)

                                                  Neuroscience for Parents: How to raise amazing kids (2018

                                                  Neuroplasticity: How to rewire your brain (2018)

*All international courses were completed online.

The Gottman Institute
University of Cape Town
Board of Healthcare Funders
PsySSA Psychological Society of South Africa
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