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Some Videos of Mine That You Might Find Useful

What's the Ugly Duckling Got to do With Anything?

The ugly duckling never was a duck. By trying to fit in with the ducks, it reaffirmed its differences and feeling of being 'out'. Only when it saw who it really was, the magic happened.

Affair Reflections

I'm so sorry you're needing to watch this. I know that what you're going through is gut-wrenching. I'm here for you.


For too long boundaries have been taught as something that is to keep people out. But a boundary is the space that delineates where you are so others can see you for you.

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Why Your Needs Need to Matter

There is a big difference between unconditional love and a high threshold of tolerance.

Loyalty isn't love necessarily and we all deserve love.

Get Touched More

Touch without expectations can lead to more touch. 
But of course, if there is no initiation of s.ex ever - that needs to be addressed too. But in general, touch for touch and not for s.ex often leads to more touch.

Roles & Expectations

Getting clear on your roles means a better chance of getting your needs met.

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