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I have spent many years volunteering in disadvantaged areas, especially with primary school children. I have worked with many children, so strong yet broken, struggling with rejection, shame, abuse, and disregard. Many parents didn't show up to arranged meetings, and some actually arrived high or drunk. I worked with children who were beaten for bedwetting, who were at school despite a parent who had passed away the day before, or children who hadn't eaten for days. Children who were sexually abused and many children who had never known gentle touch. Often these kids would come to school without jerseys or shoes, despite it being deep winter. They would be so desensitized, unable to even feel the cold. 


I did numerous projects with these children and they crept deep into my heart. Much of my therapy wasn't even counseling but entailed sitting on the floor with them, reading basic stories while they pile on and around my lap, and enjoying the gentle, genuine attention. Holding space for others is a powerful and underrated thing.


I worked with the 'naughty' children, the ones who were kicked out of class daily. The problem is that these 'naughty' children are the ones actually most desperate, the children most in need of extra love and affirmation to undo the shame identity, and unlovability they fear.


What really stood out for me was that at the end of the day, the teachers were the ones with the most influence on children, as they often spend more time with the kids than the parents can (either because of parents working, being inebriated, or general absenteeism). But these teachers are also inundated with their own turmoils, tough environments, and overextended classes (and work expectations). I have (many times) seen one teacher with over 50 children in a class. The 'normal' class is difficult to handle, but when you have 50 children, of which many come from broken or struggling homes, you have a very serious situation on your hands.  


Since realizing the incredible impact teachers can have on a child's life, I believe by offering the teachers' support and help, one can indirectly, reach far more children. Because of this, I would like to offer free counseling to the teachers at our previously-disadvantaged schools. BWRT also allows me to heal old wounds much quicker than traditional counseling, thereby allowing me to help more teachers.


I'm also doing The Confident Kids Club - where I am helping teachers give the children tools to regulate their nervous system throughout the day, I would really appreciate any support for this initiative. And I have many other initiatives I wish to do. I am currently supporting myself through these projects, but all donations would be greatly appreciated.


If you would like to donate towards it, please make a payment in PAYPAL (, or contact me at ALL donations are so appreciated!

I also offer First Responders free sessions. Three sessions per month. 



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