Next Workshop: 

Couples 101 -


When: 26 May 2021, 4pm SAST (9am EST)

Price: R150 ($17) Early Bird 

Book here! Or call us (during SA office hours) at


Who's this workshop for? 

This is going to be an insightful workshop for anyone who wants to understand the frustration of not getting the connection and conversations they want in their relationship.

For anyone who wants to learn more about relationships.

For anyone who doesn't understand why their partner can sleep while they're busy freaking out about the crappy fight they just had.

For anyone wanting to get clearer and closer in their relationship.


Who is this not for?
Anyone who just wants to blame their partner.
Anyone who doesn't want to understand more about why they are where they are in their relationship.


NOTE: For anyone experiencing Domestic Violence (or any form of abuse, even if you're not sure it classifies as abuse) - this topic is not going to be enough. You need to get safety and support. Please contact TEARS if you want to get support on that. 


COUPLES 101: Uplevel Your Relationship In 6 Weeks

For who: ANYONE wanting to uplevel their relationship and willing to put in the work. 

When: Launched in June / July 

Where: Online via Facebook Private Group and Live Calls

Price: R2000 (never to be repeated rate). 


Getting Clear on What You Really Want

Mindset Method Mastery

Communication Tools that Work

Direction and Reflection

Trust, guilt & shame (and how to apologize better)

Sex, intimacy and passion

More info coming soon!

Surviving the Affair: An online group workshop to give you some tangible tools and support during this crisis.

Things are probably feeling really surreal, confusing, and overwhelming. Perhaps you are swinging between feeling disgusted and rage to desperation to save your marriage, then back again to rage. Back and forth, up and down. Not sure which way is up. I'm so sorry for the pain you are in!

Having worked with couples in crisis for nearly a decade now, I would love to share with you some insight, strategies, and practical support to help you stay afloat (until you get to have your appointment with your therapist). 

I am hosting a virtual workshop where you can hear what I've learned over the years working with infidelity & crisis in couples.


ONLINE via Zoom

Date to be confirmed.

Some of the topics we will cover are:

  • what many of my clients wish they knew when they first found out about an affair (and what they wish they didn't do);

  • understand what to expect;

  • why you can't stop thinking about it;

  • what questions are better to ask;

  • should you stay or go and stuff on trust;

  • Strategies to cope;

  • Tools to dealing with shame;

  • Those who attend the event live will be able to ask questions (anonymously) in the Q&A. 

This is a virtual (online) workshop to be held via Zoom.

There will be a second workshop (on the same topic) on the 24th of February for those who can't make this date. 

The workshop will be recorded, and you will have access to the recordings (in March).

You can remain anonymous to the other participants during this workshop. 

Maybe this is for you, or perhaps someone you know and care for is suffering from the aftermath of an affair. This workshop promises to be informative, supportive, and practical. Please just be sure to check with your friend if purchasing for someone else if they feel up to this. 

Please note: If you are at all concerned for your safety or someone else's safety reach out to the nearest hospital, therapist, and/or friend. It is of utmost importance that you get support during this time. 

South Africans please contact us directly to book your spot: or 028-001-0555

To buy the book, please contact Celynn at

TO order the PDF eBook - After The Affair, A Survival Guide, you can email us.

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