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South African Office Hours For Info

Monday - Friday 08.30 - 16.3O

Session hours are flexible

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If you'd like to go ahead an jump into a free 15 minute call with me, where you can ask questions and we can make sure we're a great fit, just click the button.

South African Office Hours For Info

Monday - Friday 08.30 - 16.3O

Session hours are flexible

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Please feel free to book your own 15-Minute Free Consultation Here:



I do NOT work with couples or individuals on domestic violence or substance abuse. Please do a Google search or ask your nearest hospital or police station for support numbers or places in your area!

Note, since covid many free call centers are inundated with calls. Please do not give up hope if you struggle to reach them. Keep trying! I promise there can be light and support for you!

And if you're not sure if your situation is a case of abuse - if it's even a thought, then there is a good reason for you to suspect that. And you DESERVE help. Please seek support. 

I can help you recover from the trauma of past abuse and addiction but I don't know the best practice standards for you for current violence and abuse. SO please get someone who is.

Meet The Team

Celynn Wyngaard

Personal Assistant & Administrator

For all bookings and any administrative enquiries contact Celynn at

Tehilla Luttig




For any personal questions or wanting to tailor-make a package for you, book a call with me.

My Mission:

To provide people with compassion, world-class support, and skills whilst they navigate the healing journey to finding their joy and confidence again.

Healing takes courage, and I am here to honor the courageous step you took and guide you to the most rapid healing and transformation in the shortest time, with lasting impact!

Please NOTE

Please take note of the following requirements for working with me:

  • You need to commit to learning more about yourself and your relationship. Couples mentoring is not a place to blame or criticize your partner but to take personal action to improve your relationship.

  • Anyone struggling with addiction, mental illness, or domestic violence will need to be in ongoing, active individual therapy with a separate therapist before we can begin couples mentoring.

  • With affairs, further individual sessions are typically required. I recommend using Brain Working Recursive Technique Therapy (BWRT), which I can do with you, to work through triggers. The person who had the affair(s) also needs to dig deep into understanding the WHY of the affair and what effects it's had on his / her identity. There is also necessary grief work to facilitate the healing process

  • For online sessions, a strong, stable internet connection is necessary. This is non-negotiable as it greatly affects the session's effectiveness.

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