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You are here because there is a slither (or more) of hope for more. More love, more joy, more connection in your relationship.


Many couples hope that by improving their communication skills their relationship will be transformed. But there are many layers to relationships, and the most overlooked one is the patterns we've developed based on childhood experiences and relationship injuries! And that is what I really go deep into with you.

I have dedicated 20 years of working with families (and 10 years in my own marriage as a mother and wife) to really understanding how this life works and how relationships in the modern era can thrive!

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The relationships we had in childhood directly impact the quality of relationships we have now. Heal the past to have freedom and joy in the present.

My approach to relationships is understanding what got you two here (the filters you use from childhood, and past hurts) as well as the psychology behind the relationship dynamic. I help you 'decipher' your wife's language, fears, and needs. I help you decode your husband's needs and language.


I walk you two through the difficult conversations that have led to much hurt and distrust - after we've worked through the triggers - thereby helping you two to really hear and understand each other.

We go through your unique needs, fears, and filters to help you each show up with more empathy and confidence. And able to talk again, like you used to. 

Most of the women I work with desire to be more seen, feel emotionally heard and safe, and want to know they're cherished by their partner. And most of the husbands I work with desire to feel respected, not controlled. And wish their wives to be more happy and for them to have more fun. If it's that 'simple' - why is it so hard?! Because (in a very short nutshell) of our childhood injuries that are still unhealed, the layers, our stress responses, nervous system dysregulation, and different 'logic'.
There are always exceptions, but you are not alone.


I am here to guide you two to find your joy again.

I am also happy to work with you to tailor a package for your needs. Let's jump on a 15-minute call and see what you're needs are and how we can make it work. Year Packages are also available.


My process is the same - we start with an assessment to see the root cause of the distress, we work on the triggers and inner child healing for both of you and then we bring in world-class tools and practice making repairs and building the trust. So the packages are around how long we reckon it will take. 

My sessions are longer than typical sessions (90 minutes to 3 hours) so we can get further quicker. Traditional sessions don't typically give both partners a chance to feel heard, and we spend more time catching up and wrapping up than actual work - so the longer sessions save you time in the long run.

I have also found that my sessions tend to get done in 3 months which typically takes talk therapy 1-2 years to do! I have unique tools and techniques that cause lasting changes, quicker than any other method I have found.

If you want to heal deeply, take personal accountability, and grow (whilst learning the tools as a bonus), my 1:1 is best. But if you two feel you're pretty solid and want to learn the best tools in the trade to transform your relationship yourself - my courses are great options for you! The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox has over 55 recorded videos for you that I walk you through CORE concepts and tools to help you transform your relationship. 

All my 1:1 packages (except the once-off full-day or MRI-only offers) include access to my course The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox (valued at $555).

Resentment is enticing because of how justified it can feel.
But beware of the price of entertaining those thoughts
- it costs too much!

Dear Tehilla,


You are so kind, thank you for your care.

I was exhausted on Thursday. It was another emotional marathon, but I couldn’t be happier about the process. So much is happening in parallel. It’s as though this enormous piece of machinery has been brought back to life, and all the cogs are turning at once, making different things happen, but they are all connected. It’s good – so good.


Very importantly, [hubby] and I are having such meaningful conversations; rediscovering each other. Also so good.  



MB (About 3 weeks into the 90-day Reset)

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