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Most couples tell me they have a communication issue. Unfortunately, our past has a big impact on how we connect and filter conversations. By doing this assessment I get deep insights into what issues are really behind the poor communication, to help you both not only communicate better but to connect with healing.

Image by Christin Hume

Online Questionnaires

Online homework. My assistant sends you links to online assessments and worksheets that you can start to fill in for me at home. This not only gives me some background information already but also gets you two to start thinking in a new way about your relationship, with the questions asked.

First Session (1-2 Hrs)

You and your partner see me for our first session, where I get to know you two and how you agree and disagree better. I get a feel for the situation and understand your relationship together better. This session is 1-2 hours long.

Couple with Map
Working on Laptop

Individual Session (One Each)

I see you each then for a 90-minute individual session. These sessions allow me to get to know you individually better. Your childhood as well as offer some time for your perhaps unshared perspectives on the current relationship situation.

Feedback Session (3 Hours)

In this session we will discuss together the core patterns I have identified in your relationship and the way forward for you two. 

Happy Couple

All my 1:1 couples work starts with the assessment (unless you booked a once-off session). This gives us the insights needed so we can work on the root cause of the issues.

Also, if you are uncertain if you would like to stay in your marriage then the assessment is a great insight into why you two are where you are at, and what work it will take going forward. This will give you more clarity and confidence in your decision.

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