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90-Day Relationship Reset
Time To Wake Up Happy Again

The 90-Day Rewired for Love is a beautiful commitment resetting your relationship from despair to desire. Where we solidify new insights and heal old hurts, as well as do mindset and identity healing.


The 90-Day Reset to Love is the ultimate one-on-one intensive where I get to personally walk you two through the top things sabotaging your happily ever after.

We first uncover what's been tripping you up, and then we explore these triggers in weekly individual sessions first. This allows us to have emotionally available, safe, and deep sessions when you two do the joint couples sessions.

All my sessions are longer than average to make sure we dig deep and give you the quickest, yet most effective transformation that lasts.

I want to make sure you two are released from big triggers from the past (unfortunately our childhood experiences do taint our expectations) and feel super confident with emotional regulation when you're done with our 3-month program!

And that we've had ample time to tweak what works and what didn't stick.

And also to have enough time to have guided, difficult conversations with me present, so that when you two are done, you feel a lot more confident to have them on your own when needed.

Image by Jonathan Borba

The Process

What to expect over the 3 months:


The Assessment

We start with the assessment, you can see all about it here. This gives us the necessary direction for our work together.

Going beyond the symptoms to treating the underlying causes of the marital issues you two are facing.


Couples Sessions

We will have various joint sessions once I have worked on individual triggers with you two so we can make sure we have more regulated couples session where you both feel safer to speak and listen.


Individual Sessions

Depending on your relationship situation over the 3 months you will each have an equal amount of individual sessions where we will work on individual triggers, wounds, and identity needs. They will usually be divided up over the 11 remaining weeks.



Ongoing commitment to your individual growth and healing as well as the relationship during the process and afterward.

You can be with someone and alone.

But you don't have to stay lonely and resentful.

I have amazing tools and techniques, if you're open and ready to go deep - so am I. 

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