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Self-Study e-Courses

Get your hands on the tools I share with all my clients. I don't hold back here. SO if you want to learn the tools that can make an immediate impact not only on your relationship but your confidence regarding relationships - these courses are for you!

Free Masterclasses

Greetings to all the incredible couples out there navigating the complexities of love! If you're yearning for a transformation in your relationship and a surge in your confidence, look no further than "The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox."

Unlock the gateway to my personal support and a treasure trove of top-notch tools—all at an unbelievably affordable price! Dive into over 50 modules right at your fingertips, offering instant access to the keys that will revolutionize your relationship dynamics.

But that's not all—join our exclusive private Facebook group, a haven for individuals eager to master relationship skills and confidently pave their way to the dream relationship they've always desired.

Here's what one participant, K. Coetzee, had to say: "WWWOWOWWW. Mind blown! We could easily identify our ‘injury’ and we will keep this in mind going forward. How valuable to now understand why we act the way we do. THIS was AMAZING! Made me tear up! I will practice this!! Really enjoying this! Thanks!"

"I enjoyed the course tremendously and have great respect for Tehilla's wisdom, insights, research and the compassion with which she helps us to come to grips with many challenges that we as couples are grappling with on a daily basis. Thank you - well worth it!" Caroline G, Clinical Psychologist.

I am confident that your life and relationship will undergo a remarkable transformation simply by signing up for this extraordinary course. Don't miss out on this opportunity to strengthen your bond and rediscover the joy of love.

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Want A Quick Win?

Do this 2-Minute Course to Learn More About You and Your Relationship Personality! 

Understanding your relationship personality is like having a roadmap for love. It unveils your emotional responses, communication style, and relational patterns, offering invaluable self-awareness. Armed with this insight, you can navigate conflicts with grace, foster deeper connections, and align your actions with the love you seek. It's a transformative journey that enhances both your relationships and self-connection. Embrace the wisdom of your relationship personality for a more harmonious and fulfilling love life.

"That was breathtakingly scarily accurate!!!" Emma

Couples Communication Tool

Welcome to the gateway of transformative communication for couples—the key to unlocking more ease and profound connection in your relationship! In this powerful yet straightforward course, we're diving into the essentials of effective communication. Get ready to explore five fundamental ways to enrich your connection, fostering understanding and harmony in your journey together. Let's embark on this journey to elevate your communication game and strengthen the foundation of your relationship. It's basic, but trust me, it's incredibly powerful. Welcome to a new chapter of effortless connection!

The Affair Support Guide

Navigating the devastation of discovering your partner's unfaithfulness? The trauma is huge, and no course will be sufficient at deactivating those triggers - BUT this course is a great raft to help you navigate the immediate impact, understand your emotional yo-yo's, and feel supported as you learn what is normal and what to expect during his time.

It also has a section for the unfaithful partner - to understand what you're going through and how to step up. Too many times the person wants to 'move on' when it's not safe to do so yet.

This is an interim support, and hope you book a 1:1 with me for personalized, deep healing and support during the crisis of navigating this.

"I am very impressed with Tehilla's comprehensive knowledge on the subject of couple's work. She has packed this course in a well-thought-out structure which resulted in a maximum learning experience. Her presentations are warm, empathic, and enthusiastic and she made it very comfortable for the participants to be at ease and to participate. Her vast experience enables her to apply her knowledge on case studies, whereby practical learning is enhanced. Thank you so much for a well-worth training." D Hofmeyer, Psychologist (regarding a training I gave to therapists on working with infidelity in couples).

Mind Body Soul Masterclass

The Ultimate Relationship is obtained with the Ultimate Toolbox

Embark on a transformative 3-part journey exploring the intricate dance of soul, body, and mind—your key to living in perfect alignment.


This was a live training, and now you can access these videos for only $1!


The training delves into the profound connections between your spiritual self (from a Christian-spiritual POV), physical presence, and mental well-being. Uncover the harmony that arises when these elements align, guiding you toward a life filled with purpose, joy, and authenticity. Join us on this empowering exploration and unlock the secrets to a more balanced and fulfilling existence. It's time to harmonize your soul, body, and mind for a life lived in perfect alignment.

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