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Weekend Intensive

Weekend Intensives are where you get done in a weekend which typically takes months.

Are you ready to see what is really causing the pain in your relationship and take full responsibility for your own growth and contribution to see a massive transformation in your relationship?

This is a luxury, intensive experience.

"Dear Tehilla,


I feel compelled to write to you, although I don't really know how to word what I feel I need to say.  Recently, 'stream of consciousness' writing has helped me profoundly, so I apologise in advance if there is a lack of sentence structures and it appears nonsencicle.  Here goes...


Nothing prepared me for what happened yesterday and nothing prepared me for the way I felt when I woke up this morning.  It's hard to describe, but my entire body felt light?  The best I can describe it, is that my limbs, my 'inside' felt like it was filled with clouds - thin, beautiful cirrus clouds - the ones that look like souls floating through the sky.  And so much space.  Nothing tight, nothing dense.  Later, when I had my coffee on my egg chair, I realised it was also like that gentle rocking weightlessness, yet cocooned.  

Wow! It was truly one of the most powerful, intense and significant experiences of my life.  I assume it was evident?  I feel like I should apologise for the snot and sorry to have to use that word!  But I feel even that was part of it, but I am sorry you had to witness it!  But that aside, I want to thank you from the bottom of my 50 year old heart and from the bottom of my baby heart, my little girl heart, my teenage girl heart, my young woman heart, my broken heart and my whole heart.  Thank you for asking the question, thank you for working your magic and miracles and mostly, thank you for holding the safest, most compassionate space for me to go and meet that little girl, to see her and make her feel seen, to protect her and make her feel protected, to set her free and make her feel loved and bring back the possibility of joy to both her and me.

And to think that wasn't all you did for me/us these past 2 days!?! The BWRT session on Friday afternoon was in itself hugely transformative and empowering. And the reason we actually came to you... you truly helped my husband and myself to turn our approach to each other around - 180 degrees! So, whatever we decide, wherever we go from here, I know we can now approach it with love and compassion, rather than blame and resentment. And look at the past 17 years in the same way. What a gift - for us and our little boy. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your divine gift.

With enormous gratitude and love❞

Weekend Couple


  • Online Assessments

  • Free Access to my course, The Ultimate Relationship Toolbox (valued at $555)

  • 10-12 Hours of Sessions over the weekend (or week if arranged that way)

Not Included:

  • Transport

  • Accommodation

  • Meals

  • Etc

These weekends are tailored to your unique needs and circumstances.


The start times can vary according to your desires (earlier rises prefer earlier starts, for example).

You can fly to Cape Town and rent a car to a hotel in Hermanus, South Africa (the most popular option) or I can be flown out to any hotel (pre-approved by me) in the world (the flights, accommodation, meals, my time for travel, and transport are additional expenses for you, and added to the weekend price). For those flying in to see me, I am happy to offer suggestions of places I have used in the past.

For those flying in from far (or wanting me to fly in from far), I recommend booking a week intensive instead of a weekend and really making the most out of your intensive. Otherwise, I am happy to arrange a week-long extension for you at a luxury destination for you, to do a safari too. Safaris, golfing, hunting, fishing. Let me know and I'll help you arrange it.

I do, however, not book any weekend with a couple without having met with them online for a Q&A free call first.


And I do not work with couples in active domestic violence or abuse situations.

So if you would like to see how much you can get right over two-and-a-half days, and you are ready to go deep within yourself to support the process, I have seen such beautiful transformations happen over these weekends! You might just want to book your own rooms if you've been separated, so as not to put too much pressure on yourselves.

Please note: If you're not certain about your marriage and if you want to stay or not, these weekend intensives are also good for you each to get really clear on what happened and to help you feel more confident in your decision that you decide to make from this.

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