The Couples Connection Training Centre

Training Therapists To Deliver Exceptional, Confident Couples Therapy

After ten years in private practice, I have noticed a dire need for more healers confident and capable of handling the diverse needs of couples. 


As couples are often the backbone of the family, and families the backbone of communities, and communities of society - we have the potential to rewrite history by supporting the couples. 

After being appraoched by numerous colleagues, I have decided to share my top tools and trainings with therapists, coaches, mentors, & counselors.

This will be a 3 month training with homework, projects, supervision, and 1:1 sessions. 

The first training will take place in January 2022. Please book your spot as there will be limited spaces and selective criteria for admission.

My Story

Passionate about making sure I support my clients as best I can, I have done training in The Gottman's method (level 2 trained), I've done training of Terry Real, Diane Poole-Heller, Esther Perel, Ellen Bader, Steve, and more. 

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