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Faith, Hope, And Love

It’s been quite a start of the year for many people, and I’ve heard that January has the highest divorce rate.

I know for some the holidays brought some reprieve, a release, a reminder of why we do what we do.

But for those who have been really struggling with pressures, resentment, loneliness - the holidays can be so heavy. 

I have often been stuck in prayer, nursing my sick child (or self), wondering why it’s not easier. What is the ‘secret’ to instant prayers being answered - to living life easier, to instant healing, to calming the storms.

Faith, Hope, And Love is Ours
Calm in storms comes from faith not fear

But I am reminded of when Jesus was asleep on the boat - he didn’t need there to be no storms to feel safe, he felt safe (so safe he could sleep) on the boat in the middle of a massive storm!I realized that is the faith I have, we all have been given. It’s not about quieting the storms or living without any of the storms of life, but to be steadfast in any storms life throws at us.

I realised there was two things I did wrong in my praying:

  1. I told God what I wanted to have happen, instead of asking him what I should be

  2. I didn’t take time to listen to what he was telling me.

And this made me think of how often we do this in our relationships too. Tell each other what they are thinking, or what they should do, instead of ask.

And spend more time talking and trying to persuade why what we think matters or is important than we do listening! It’s not about superiority or control but working together. It’s beautiful what we can co-create when we’re on the same page.

I want to wish you the most beautiful 2024, one of faith, hope, and love. The greatest of these is love.

I am so excited to introduce

Free Communication Masterclass for Individuals or Couples
FREE Masterclass: Couples Who Communicate Well

My FREE masterclass: Couples Who Communicate Well.

This masterclass will be covering my unique De-FEND method to help unpack difficult conversations, as well as going into some other aspects of communication that make it hard for us to talk like we’d like to.

I know that when we talk together, we can thrive together!

This FREE Masterclass is for individuals or couples who want to improve their relationship and speak with more ease, peace, and kindness - and still be heard.

When: 17 January 2024

Time: 4pm SAST / 9am EST

Place: ZOOM

The replay will be available for a few days afterwards for anyone who can’t make the Live recording.

If you would like to join this free masterclass, just message me to sign up. If you have a friend who you think would benefit from this, just forward them this link - I want to make sure you are covered to communicate into a blissful beautiful marriage in 2024. Happy marriages are not for the lucky few or fairytales only.

A job we often don’t give enough time to, but please do.
Happiness is an inside job. Not an easy one, but the best job in the world.

Either way, I wish you the most blessed and wonderful 2024.

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