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Whether your relationship is on the brink of divorce, or you're just looking to improve things - I am passionate about helping you thrive in your relationships! 

Love is not a lucky draw for the few, but the heart and soul of our existence, and it shouldn't be as hard as it is!

As a relationship coach with a background in therapy (licensed counselor), I am here to help you (whether you are in a relationship or on your own) to heal so that you can thrive in love (ps. This usually starts with healing the first relationships we had - our childhood and our inner child).


Tehilla here. Welcome!

Relationships are what we are made for, and yet it's the one place we have been taught the least! But shouldn't we just know how to be in a relationship?! Yes - but we get conditioned in childhood out of our natural openness to love. So unlearning those rules, and getting proper tools can help you thrive in your relationship!


I know that whatever brought you here hasn't been easy. You know that something needs to change, that there has to be more to life and love than what you're currently experiencing. I honor your journey and am so proud of you for being here - reaching out takes so much courage. 

I have had the privilege of helping hundreds of people (individually or as a couple) rebuild their relationships and it's been a gift they give themselves - and their children too.


My desire is for you too, to once again wake up happy, confident, and excited to be alive. 

"We've gotten more from you in thirty minutes than we did from four months with our previous therapist!" NZ


  • Weekend Intensives

  • Relationship Assessments

  • 30-Day Bootcamp

  • 3-Month Relationship Reset

  • Or self-study self-paced courses

  • Affair Trauma Healing


  • Confidence & Self-Esteem Ovhaul

  • Inn Child Reparenting

  • Trauma Healing & Trigger Deactivation

  • Coping with the aftermath of an affair discovery

  • Identity work

  • Divorce & Grief Support

I am here to help you regain the confidence you once had in the things you hoped for (even if it's been years since you felt it), and regain the surety you once felt in life (even if that was last when you were an infant)! And I do things differently! Your body stores your emotions, and so I have a holistic approach, based on psychology (from my degrees as a licensed mental health counselor) but that goes into your body and your inner child - to give you deep, lasting transformation.

If you're a couple looking for support in navigating your relationship, or an individual looking to navigate your life, exhaustion, identity, or relationships - I've got you!

How good would it feel for you to feel really heard and understood again? 


"Our kids walked in on us kissing in the kitchen and said we need to stop seeing you now!" Things are going too well according to the kids!

Giggling couple, in our session telling me what happened the day before.

There are 3 Ways to work with me:

1:1 Online or Fly-In for couples or individuals. Gottman-styled marathon sessions or at your own pace.

World-Class self-paced courses.

Waitlist for my annual ladies group, Marriage, Motherhood, and Me (September 2024)

Which is the best fit? If you had a tricky (or down right nasty) childhood then I highly recommend 1:1 private work with me. If you are just looking for some tools, then the courses are going to blow you away. And if you are looking for healing and sisterhood, whilst you unpack the good-girl lies you were taught, then the Marriage Motherhood and Me is for you.

"I absolutely love your wealth of knowledge beyond my issue. You connect dots that I didn't see. You held space for me, no matter where the session brought us. I know I was a tough nut to crack because my mind wouldn't allow me to go places, but with the trust you had in me, I could do it." SF


Our relationship arguments are RARELY about the situation at hand but reminders of the pain of unmet needs from the past.

Couple Sitting in Cafe


Navigating love in today's world can be overwhelming. There are so many different opinions out there and contradictory information even. Where does one even begin?

With 10 years of fine-tuning my technique, I have created a uniqe approach that creates big impact and transformation.

So if you're ready to go from tip-toeing and resentment to fun, laughter, and connection, read more about my offers here.

Why aren't communication skills enough? 
Watch here.


As a working, married mother, I get how intense life can be.

Life looks so easy on social media, your friends possibly look up to you - thinking you are one of those 'lucky' sorted ones, but you feel lonely, exhausted, and unheard  / unseen.

Being a good girl can only get you so far, before your soul starts calling you back to be who you were made to be (which is still good, great actually, but without the 'should's!).

I have the quickest, deepest tools I've yet seen anywhere else,  and my clients get to heal in session what used to take months!

If you'd like to know more about how to work with me, click here.

Image by Courtney Cook

Many people that come to me have been to therapy before. They have tried the traditional talk therapy once-a-week route and found it wasn't enough to create the lasting impact they needed.


As a mom, wife, licensed counselor, international coach, and mentor I take pride in making sure I offer strategies and sessions that work - not only sounding good in the office but that you can implement at home too!

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  • Marathon sessions (like the Gottmans offer) mean we do a minimum of 90-minute (or up to full day 5-hour) sessions. This means we get done in a day what could typically take months!

  • I am more directive. I don't just nod my head and listen (like movies can poorly illustrate a therapist's role).

  • I offer plenty of strategies with a multi-disciplinary approach.

  • My body-based trauma-release exercises and BWRT allow me to get done with you in a single session what would typically also have taken months. Literally.

  • I work with the couple individually and together to make sure the inner relationships thrive too.

  • I do body (somatic) work. I help you release the trapped emotions in your body through my unique Body-EQ method as well as learn to rebuild the relationship with your body. We are mind, body, and spirit and when we use all three of these elements we are mighty capable and powerful.

  • I offer high-ticket fly-in (to any destination in the world, or I can set up a South African safari of wildlife or sea experience) for weekend or weeklong intensives. These are VIP experiences and only for 1 couple at a time. 

  • I do not judge. My clients all comment somewhere along the line about how safe they feel with me. I see you for who you really are until you do too. And you're not bad - like you might think you are.

  • I am selective with whom I work. The selection process makes sure we are a great fit and have the best chance for success for you!

  • I do an assessment with my couples. After many years I noticed that the symptoms (usually poor communication) are a result of many childhood elements, so we do a deep assessment to make sure we work on all the layers and not just the presenting symptoms.

  • I use BWRT (Brainworking Recursive Technique) to help deactivate active triggers and traumatic memories (especially useful for affair recovery and bad childhood experiences that keep showing up).

  • I believe in you until you do too. 

  • I believe trusting yourself is vital to any relationship's depth and success and is a big factor in what I work with you on.

  • I offer containers based on a deep understanding of how things typically work for my couples (yet very individually tailored). My work isn't just theoretical fluff but practical and transformational (if you're committed to learning about yourself in the process).

  • I'm not scared of what you're going through, because I can see you for who you really are and what you are capable of.

  • I love bringing in spirituality if you're open to it too. But EVERYONE is welcome here. I am a spiritual-Christian, not a religious Christian.

"I would highly recommend your services and guidance to anyone who truly wants to heal and grow. Your ability to reveal the most vulnerable places to heal and provide awareness and self-healing tools is exceptional. Your intuitive ability is far from traditional talk-therapy, but rather a far deeper, more holistic healing process. The relationship with you has been truly life-changing."


Businesswoman on Phone
Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Have any questions? Or want to hop on a free 15-minute call with me to discuss your needs and which option is best for you? Contact me here!

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