Happily married does not only belong to the lucky few.

Hello hello!

I am so grateful you are here! Reaching out for more takes courage, and hope. It's an inner knowing that settling for the way things are right now is not all there is.

You are right! There is more for you, for love, and for your family! I have dedicated the last 20 years to understanding families, and what it takes for thriving relationships. I'm so grateful you're here. I am not your average coach or counselor, with over ten years in private practice and twenty years of working with families, I have created a unique, effective approach to helping you revive and rekindle your relationship. I look forward to walking this path with you.

Intimacy requires more than loyalty or communication skills, it requires inner safety and emotional know-how.

There are more divorces happening today day than ever before. Not because of poor judgment, but because staying married is a choice. You get to choose to stay or go. It requires conscious effort, commitment, and desire to keep not only together, but to keep the spark. The demands on marriage are also very different from the past, with women stepping into the workforce and having more of a voice. This means the way men provide is different and needs renegotiation and understanding too. Men are expected to do more at home, but isn't it wonderful that they are also now seen more than before? That they actually get time to be involved in the family and not just as the providers, financially? But with freedom, comes responsibility and not all people are willing or know how to not change, but HEAL from their past that keeps them stuck and defensive or resentful in the relationship.


My name is Tehilla, pronounced Tequila, but with an 'h'. I am a licensed (registered) counselor with ten years in private practice helping hundreds of couples resuscitate their marriages. Over the years I have learned that what we get taught about couples' work is not enough though, there are amazing theories out there - but any theory that doesn't translate into real-life stays theory! And so my practice is dedicated to what really works for couples. And in the shortest amount of time!

But most importantly that relationships aren't just about communication and commitment but understanding how our past impacts our present and being emotionally safe with our partners. Without emotional safety (or the commitment to creating it) then intimacy and reconnection are futile. You can survive many many years, celebrating many anniversaries, but that's not how it has to be. You can thrive in love too.


Too many many couples stay together for their kids, but divorces don't cause broken homes - they're the symptom of broken homes. If you're both willing to heal and learn, there is something very beautiful waiting for you. More of what you had when it was good, but even more than that as you've both changed, matured, and have more intimacy to share.

Ways to work with me:

Couples, these are the different approaches I offer:

Most of my couple's work is in private, 1:1 (online) settings. We do intensive sessions (meaning longer sessions, and closer to each other), as they:

  • Allow us to go deeper sooner, and waste less time on catching up

  • Give you both more time to speak and be heard and heal

  • Mean you don't have to go home with an open argument or situation, painfully unresolved, and still lingering in the air.

My signature offer is my 90-Day reset to Love. Where we get done in 90-Days what could typically take years. 

For those looking for shorter commitments, you can do my 30-Day Bootcamp (which lays the foundations of what went on in your relationship and what would be needed moving forward, as well as healing or working through at least one trigger together).

And for those who aren't sure they want to stay married, let alone work on it, I recommend doing my assessment only. After that, you can decide if you want to commit to a package or not. The assessment gives unique insights into patterns and why you two are where you are, so that you can, with more clarity and confidence, make your decision.

I also have created some wonderful e-courses which you can study with your partner, or on your own, at your own pace. 

"We've gotten more in 30 minutes with you than we did from four months in therapy with our previous therapist." Client, 1:1 Couples Work.

"Wwwowoww. Mind blown! We could easily identify our 'injury' and we will keep this in mind going forward. How valuable to now understand why we act the way we do. THIS was AMAZING! Made me tear up!" Kat, Intimately Loved Course feedback.

"This makes so much sense! So many things we were experiencing and I didn't know how to word it. it finally all makes sense!" 1:1 Couples Client

"I never wanted to go out since the affair. I was so scared of bumping into her (the mistress of her husband). Well...I just got back from a day out.. All smiles. And it almost feels surreal how calm I felt." 1:1 Mommy Client

NEW offers:

  • I am so excited to announce the launch of my Safari-Retreats. I grew up in the 'bush' (game farms) and over the years I have seen how raw nature speaks to one's soul. I now invite my couples, either in a VIP 1:1 private safari (or seaside) fly-in retreat or in group safari retreats to rekindle their marriage and awaken their souls. You can learn more here, but the majority of the context and information will come from our call when we discuss what your needs are and how to create the ultimate experience for you. Please note the 1:1 VIP offers are 5-figure investments (US Dollar).

  • I also now offer couples who do not wish to commit to any packages, a once-off intensive day, where we dive deep into a specific topic of youchoosing. You can learn more here.

Reset to Love

Signature Program: 90-Day Reset to Love 1:1

Understanding what got you here

Couples Assessment

Jumpstart your relationship

Couples 4-Week Bootcamp to jumpstart things again

Eating Hamburger

Couples Once Off Session

Couples Safari Retreats

Couples Safari Retreats

Intimately Loved course

DIY e-courses to do at your own time and pace.

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Cheerful Pregnant Woman

Have any questions? Or want to hop on a free 15-minute call with me to discuss your needs and which option is best for you? Contact me here!

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Please take note of the following requirements:

  • You need to commit to learning more about yourself and your relationship. Couples mentoring is not a place to blame or criticize your partner but to take personal action to improve your relationship.        

  • Anyone struggling with addiction, mental illness, or domestic violence will need to be in ongoing, active individual therapy with a separate therapist before we can begin couples mentoring.

  • With affairs, further individual sessions are typically required. I recommend using Brain Working Recursive Technique Therapy (BWRT), which I can do with you, to work through triggers. The person who had the affair(s) also needs to dig deep into understanding the WHY of the affair and what effects it's had on his / her identity. There is also necessary grief work to facilitate the healing process

  • For online sessions, a strong, stable internet connection is necessary. This is non-negotiable as it greatly affects the session's effectiveness.