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"The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships."

- Esther Perel




Right now, you may be feeling alone and even a little scared, I really commend your courage for seeking help. We aren't taught how to have good relationships, and the movies make it look simple when it's not. 

With nearly a decade in private practice and training from the top names in this field, I have created a four-step approach that helps my clients deeply transform their lives.

My goal is not to have my clients dependent on me, but to show you why things are currently the way they are, what tools can help you, and then to hold up a mirror that really reflects your true, incredible potential and being, so that you can lead forth with clarity and confidence.

Step One:

Dig Into The Inner Framework

Firstly we need to dig into and see what is triggering your experiences, what expectations or beliefs are driving your actions, and what injuries are holding you back into negative patterns.

For individuals, we do various talk techniques to discover the archetypes and beliefs.


For couples, I do an in-depth assessment (online links as well as 1:1 with me) over 1.5 days.

Step Two:

Recalibrate Your Inner Systems

Steps one and two often go hand in hand and some recalibration happens with the uncovering of beliefs and expectations. 

Understanding why things are the way they are is often very revealing and supportive to your rebuilding. 

But we often live our lives as a fulfillment of expectations, or someone elses definition of what we are capable of. We do not decide and design our life according to what we are truly made for, our souls desires.

This step is to create deep motivation, excitement, and change.

Step Three:

Tools & Practical Support

Throughout the process we are learning tools and insights.


Here I share with you during our time the tools I feel you will find most helpful to heal and grow and nuture your sympathetic nervous system with or without our sessions. 

I also help you to understand the conversations going on (between you two, if it's couples work) at a deeper level.

Step Four: 

Accountability & Fine Tuning

Here our sessions are spread out more, and we have a change to see whats working, and what's not (and why it is or isn't). 

I also get to help you to fine tune your desires and stay on track for your goals.

Please enquire about MARATHON SESSIONS.

They can be anything from 3 hours to a full day (5 or 6 hours) long. 

These longer sessions allow us to get done in a day that could sometimes take a month or more to do!

Our sessions offer a gentle, judgment-free space for you to:

  • gain insights into your relationship dynamics;

  • learn tools to regulate and modify dysfunctional behaviour; 

  • improve communication; 

  • build on your relationship strengths; and

  • reconnect intimately.

  • I also offer a safe space to manage an affair crisis and facilitate recovery for both parties.

  • My sessies is beskikbaar in Engels of Afrikaans!


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Get my top tools at your fingertips! 

My e-Courses are on launch special and have all my top tips and tools for you to transform your relationship!


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Lost and Found

“You have no idea how it feels for me to have found someone after all these years that I truly feel safe to share with. I trust you Tehilla and I have always struggled with trust. But you get me!”

Nooit te oud om vryheid te vind nie!

“Ek weet nie mooi hoe om dit te se nie, maar dis asof daar ‘n groot gewug van my skouers af is. Ek voel so lug en vry.. Dis amper weird om so vining so goed te voel. Maar ek doen. En dit gaan diep. Dankie!”

Spilling Sand

Fourth Try

“We’ve gotten more in 30 minutes with you than we did from 4 months in therapy with our previous therapist.”

The Skeptic

“When we started I did not want to do this. I didn’t believe therapists could do anything to help. I thought they were overpaid listeners to be honest. But you’ve really helped me see things I didn’t know about us and about me. I understand more now. You made it easy to talk and always know the right questions to ask. Thank you!”