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Clear, professional support to navigate the waters of love, life & relationships. Online.

A safe space to:

  • gain insights into your relationship,

  • learn tools to regulate and modify dysfunctional behaviour,

  • get closer (reconnected and intimate),

  • improve communication, 

  • build on your strengths.

  • Affair crisis management and recovery.

I offer online, evidence-based couples counselling or coaching & exclusive workshops for all couples wanting to get back what they had and rebuild their connections. All I need from you is a commitment. And if your partner isn't ready to commit to counselling - I'll help you with tools and development to work on the relationship. It's a bit slower than couples' work, but it is possible.


Based in Hermanus, South Africa but serving couples across the globe, I am passionate about re-establishing family values.

I know reaching out about something so intimate and precious is incredibly hard - and I commend your courage for being here!

Ek bied sessies aan in Engels of Afrikaans.

How did our relationship get here? Is it savable?
How can what was once a source of great pride, security, and happiness can become a
pit of?:
  • Loneliness
  • Disconnection
  • Resentment & Frustration
  • Feeling Lost & Scared
  • Deep Sadness & Grief
  • Agony & Dispair
  • And even have symptoms of PTSD (usually after trauma or affair discovery).
You're not alone.
We aren't taught the complexities of relationships (even as a therapist, it's taken me years to cover important tools necessary for helping couples navigate the complex waters - not to mention, each couple is unique). Happily ever after is a lot harder than illustrated in the movies, it doesn't come naturally (cue: remove all 'should's' from your vocabulary), and social media often adds to the feeling that 'other couples are rocking it, so we aren't we?'. Thankfully there are science-based tools and useful insights to help you rebuild your relationship (and yourself in the process) into what you had in mind in the first place! I am passionate about helping families find their safe space and giving clients quality services tailor-made for you! 
Contact me to set up your appointment, so we can get started: tehillaluttig@pm.me

Please note, in case you are wondering, spelling in South Africa spells Counselling with a double 'l' and has a 'u' in words like 'harbour' instead of 'harbor'.

The Process:

Committed to offering personalized and quality services, that get to the core of your issues as quickly as possible I use the best parts of numerous evidence-based tools and insights from across the world to address your relationship needs. My sessions are also longer (not your traditional hour session of once a week), as I have found we cover a lot more ground in longer sessions, helping you two recover your safe harbor of home sooner. So sessions start at 90 minutes long and can be booked for longer (2 to 5 hours long, or weekend intensives). 

I also do dig! I don't settle for surface value issues. I know that what we've lived through in the past has a big effect on our expectations, triggers, and attitudes. Therefore I do individual history taking sessions to get to know you two better and thereby, help you both quicker. 

All sessions are private, and workshops will only be with you and your partner - no one else. 


Click here to schedule your first appointment or your 10-minute free consult. 


Complete my paperwork (the questionnaires and assessments already open up some new thoughts and attitudes). Commit to learning more about relationships, your relationship, and yourselves. Book your sessions. Set up a spot at home with good internet and that's comfortable and quiet, where you can be uninterrupted (as much as possible) for our sessions. 


Get yourselves a warm cuppa coffee or something to drink, get cozy, and click the link for the Zoom meeting. Participate in the sessions and the homework (homework helps us see what works and what doesn't work for you). Going to therapy is IMMENSELY courageous! It takes far more guts and strength to get vulnerable (intimate) than it does to pretend the emotions are overrated or non-existent.


Go and enjoy the relationship you desired.

Please note my requirements for therapy or coaching are:

Commitment to learning more about yourself and your relationship.

That anyone who is struggling with addiction, mental illness or domestic violence will need to be in ongoing, active individual counselling before we can do couples counselling or coaching.

A good internet connection from you for us to commence therapy.

29, 7th Avenue, Voelklip, HERMANUS

Western Cape, South Africa

The Couples Connection


Tel: +27- (0)83-639-3339

Tehilla Luttig

Registered Private Practice Counsellor 

Pr No 0538396 Reg No PRC0016837  

(Hons. BSocSci Psychology - UCT 2007)

Certified Life Coach

Licensed BWRT practioner