WelcomeI really want to commend the courage it took to reach out as I know it's not easy to do! Right now, you may be feeling alone and even a little scared, but we can work together to flame the spark of hope and get your happily ever after back on track.  My sessions are in-depth, professional & highly informative because I know that when your relationship is feeling rocky, everything else feels edgy and hard.

I also love helping individuals who are struggling with relationships or the ending of relationships (or why they seem to be attracted to the wrong people, etc). This includes the relationship we have with ourselves!


Our sessions offer a gentle, judgment-free space for you to:

  • gain insights into your relationship dynamics;

  • learn tools to regulate and modify dysfunctional behaviour; 

  • improve communication; 

  • build on your relationship strengths; and

  • reconnect intimately.

  • I also offer a safe space to manage an affair crisis and facilitate recovery for both parties.

  • My sessies is beskikbaar in Engels of Afrikaans!

I offer compassionate, professional support to help you navigate the sometimes stormy seas of life, love, and relationships, through couples counseling, workshops, affair recovery, individual sessions as well as premarital counseling.

I only do marathon sessions (so do 3-6 hour sessions over a few days spaced closely together) for couples starting with me  - this allows us to get done in a few days what would typically take MONTHS! Because I know how painful it is to have a dysfunctional relationship, and needing to wait days or even weeks between sessions. 

"The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your relationships."

- Esther Perel

Perhaps you are feeling lost, scared, and confused. Maybe you are wondering "how did this relationship, that was once my pride and joy, a source of so much love become this empty pit of:
  • Loneliness
  • Disconnection
  • Resentment
  • Frustration
  • Deep Sadness &
  • Despair?"
You may even find that you have symptoms of PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) which often comes in the wake of discovering an affair or big betrayal. If so, read this and contact me to book your session ASAP so you don't have to navigate this alone.
Unfortunately, we are not taught the skills necessary to maintain a healthy relationship and once the 'easy' part of falling in love is over, dedication and work are necessary to keep the relationship connected. It is only normal for relationships to change especially with the added gifts and challenges of everyday life, like work and parenting. 
And yet, we feel ashamed if we can't get it right. Like we 'should' just know how to do this. As a wife, and mother of two, I can relate! But I believe little good comes from shame and I aim instead to empower you with practical tools that, with practice, can help you achieve a richly satisfying life. This is why I'm so passionate about helping you understand what happened, how to heal from the pain and transform these difficulties into a solid foundation for the future!
What I really love to see is how, by working through the pain, the break down of the relationship can actually lead to something deeper, something more intimate and profound.
I really look forward to taking this journey with you. 

Please enquire about MARATHON SESSIONS.

They can be anything from 3 hours to a full day (5 or 6 hours) long. 

These longer sessions allow us to get done in a day that could sometimes take a month or more to do!

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Lost and Found

“You have no idea how it feels for me to have found someone after all these years that I truly feel safe to share with. I trust you Tehilla and I have always struggled with trust. But you get me!”

Nooit te oud om vryheid te vind nie!

“Ek weet nie mooi hoe om dit te se nie, maar dis asof daar ‘n groot gewug van my skouers af is. Ek voel so lug en vry.. Dis amper weird om so vining so goed te voel. Maar ek doen. En dit gaan diep. Dankie!”

Spilling Sand

Fourth Try

“We’ve gotten more in 30 minutes with you than we did from 4 months in therapy with our previous therapist.”

The Skeptic

“When we started I did not want to do this. I didn’t believe therapists could do anything to help. I thought they were overpaid listeners to be honest. But you’ve really helped me see things I didn’t know about us and about me. I understand more now. You made it easy to talk and always know the right questions to ask. Thank you!”

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