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Happily Ever After

Does NOT Only Belong To Fairytales

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Happily Married Me

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When we fall in love it is easy to see the best in each other and for all we see to be through the lens of lightness, curiosity, and joy. Over time, especially after the arrival of children (and sometimes in the attempts to have children), the love starts to be tainted by miscommunication and disappointments which could lead to competition over who does more, and resentment.


With over 10 years in private practice and two decades of working with families, I help couples and individuals by helping them heal their first relationships (the relationships from childhood) and their relationship with themselves.


I am a Christian (spiritual grace-based), and licensed counselor and use tools and techniques acquired from top names in the field, honed in and tailored from what I've seen works best for my clients - for you. And for those who too are spiritually attuned, I use my intuitive and spiritual guidance in our sessions. I use a bottom-up approach, meaning we include the body in our emotional healing.

No matter how dire things look - I am here to help you find clarity, confidence, and connection.

The Coach Foundation has chosen Tehilla Luttig as one of the top relationship coach

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We've gotten more in thirty-minutes with you than we did in four months with our previous therapist.

Couple, NZ

What's different with my approach?


Multi-disciplinary approach. 
Having studied under the top names in the field of couples therapy (like Gottmans, Esther Perel, Terry Real, Ellen Byder, etc), and 10 plus years of traditional talk therapy approaches - I have come to fine tune and specialize my approach that creates months of change, in a single session.

I love using Parts Work and Inner Child Healing as well as BWRT for deep, rapid integration and growth.


20-years+ experience. And I am a licensed mental health counselor.

I know what looks good in theory and what actually works.

Upgrading your life (whilst being very trauma informed and equipped), healing your emotional injuries, and equipping you with incredible tools is what can give you deep lasting results - fast!


90-Minute to 3-Hour Sessions = Less Fluff & More Deep Stuff.

Sessions are 90-minutes minimum each and can be soon after each other so we spend less time catching up and more time doing the work and making the changes.

Longer sessions sooner, also means you get to go home without the issue unresolved, open raw and waiting for a week before the next one.

I have found that 3 months with me is equivalent to over a year in a traditional setting.


Spiritual-Christian with zero judgment. 

I am grace-based, and ANYONE wanting to grow, heal, evolve is welcome.

I do not condone judgment and can hold the faith while you might be figuring yours out (or keeping space with yours, during the storms of life).

Manifest your dream life, with God.


All beliefs welcome here.


Healing at the source not the symptoms. Our first relationships we had (with parents, siblings, and friends or extended family) laid a foundation of what we expect and how safe we feel with love. Addressing this is the root to thriving relationships. Breaking those patterns, rebooting your EQ and building your confidence is what we focus on.

My couples sessions are divided into equal individual sessions, to integrate triggers for emotionally safer conversations.

I have really appreciated your intuitive ability to direct the healing to the most deep foundational areas. Your ability to pivot to the tools and frameworks that are most applicable to the moment and to explain these as part of the self-healing process
I've strengthened and made sense of multiple relationships, starting with romantic, but moving to parental, sibling, children ... unexpected areas that have benefitted from focus and healing.
I would highly recommend your services and guidance to anyone who truly wants to heal and grow. Your ability to reveal the most vulnerable places to heal and provide awareness and self-healing tools is exceptional. Your intuitive ability is far from traditional talk-therapy, but rather a far deeper, more holistic healing process. The relationship with you has been truly life-changing.



My name is Tehilla (Ti-hee-la, like Tequila with an 'h') Luttig

I am a licensed mental health counselor who's run her private practice helping clients for 10 years and worked with families for over 20 years.

I am passionate about learning and so in my free time (yes, that can exist between work and motherhood and wife-ing) I am continually upping my skills and getting new approaches to help you have the quickest, deepest healing and support.

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Working with families for over 20 years
couples coaching for married moms
a happy family life
Tehilla, our expert relationship coach


Addressing the Causes not just the Symptoms

How many times have you 'gotten' something, loved the new insights - but quickly resorted back to old ways? We have neural pathways that we've enforced over the years, and our best intentions struggle to fight those now automated responses when we're tired, stressed, and busy (and how often aren't we those things?!). Using my methods we go deep to the root and rewrite from there so you create new automated responses that work for you now (the coping skills we developed as children are no longer helping us as adults).

I absolutely love your wealth of knowledge beyond my issue. You connect dots that I didn't see. You held space for me, no matter where the session brought us. I know I was a tough nut to crack because my mind wouldn't allow me to go places, but with the trust you had in me, I could do it.

SF, Germany

Ways To Work With Me

There are 3 Ways to work with me:

1:1 Online or Fly-In for couples or individuals.

World-class self-paced courses.

Groups (masterminds that happen 2x per year)

Which is the best fit? If you had a tricky (or traumatic) childhood then I highly recommend 1:1 private work with me. If you are just looking for some tools, then the courses are going to blow you away. I'm also hosting my first relationship reset GROUP starting in February. It's a great community experience and a more affordable way to get my one-on-one insights and support, in a small group setting. Just email us to get the details.

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"Our kids walked in on us kissing in the kitchen and said we need to stop seeing you now!"

Things are going too well according to the kids!

A giggling couple, in our session, telling me what happened the day before.

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Based in South Africa

Global Practice

Online or Luxury Fly-In Intensives

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